Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prediction # 3. What Is The Test Biden Stated in Obama's First 6 Months

I do not want to write the next 500 predictions on Obama a la Nostradamus. I believe the Israeli government is aware of the ties Obama has with Palestinian and other Islamic peoples. Therefore, the most obvious move for Israel is to perform a first strike. The test is his ability to (Obama's) deal with it. Is Obama the third Antichrist? I don't want to know. I believe Israel will not survive an Obama administration. I am working on an article about why Jews are voting for Obama. Jews inIsrael have long been involved in communist organizations. This is exemplified in the establishment of the kibbutzes or kibbutzeem in Israel. Kibbutzeem are small communist-style living communities. While popular during the hippy age, they are disappearing fast. Move On is extremely popular among the inhabitants. I know other Jews that detest the lifestyle associated with kibbutzeem. The secular Jews who are Jewish by blood alone and live like this embrace Obama because the communist theology is higher on the totem pole than their religion ever was or could be. Other Jews feel liberal openness takes precident. This thinking in a BLACK candidate provides these Jews with a high that cannot be attained on any amount of amphetamines. Conservatives Jews are outraged and disgusted by these STUPID Jews!! Period!!

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