Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Third Jihad Movie South Florida Debut Turnout

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This picture was taken by me at Movico Theatre in Boca Raton at the South Florida premiere. The THIRD JIHAD did a terrific job of explaining the Islamic fundamentalist threat and agenda for Europe and the United States. Adam Hasner is the Republican Rep. for the area and has the political balls to put his career on the line for this cause. He should be recognized and given the kudos he deserves. The movie did not address how to combat the problem. Although, I believe their webpage may encourage audience participants from the movie and average surfers to visit. The problem addressing Jihad in the US seems to be multi factorial. Young people are indoctrinated into a politically correct world immediately upon entering the school system and through poor TV choices left up to themselves due to poor parenting. The PC world implants ideas that nurse the inhibitions of the innate feeling to speak out on wrongful issues. College campuses are thoroughly saturated with radical professors and "Berkeley-esque" mentality student bodies that fervently defend the fundamentalist cause. Inadvertently, the ambition to get involved is a good thing! Misappropriating the direction away from speaking out and actually supporting the other side will only delay any real response momentum until the problem can be properly dealt with. At that point, the cost will be much, much greater to us all. The older citizens ( from the 70 and above) are in several categories. They are either incapable of getting access to proper information or indifferent due to the attitude, " At my age it doesn't matter." The group will also be from depression era thinking, meaning they think and vote by wallet strictly. "FDR was a democrat and I have always voted democrat", commonly replied. What a poorly throughtout response. FDR has been dead for approximately 50 years. Anything he was involved in is a shell of what it was, hardly recognizable. The party has changed so dramatically that all the reasons they may have joined originally don't even exist anymore. If I joined the Republicans because Lincoln ended slavery would be ridiculous!! Finally, the middle age groups such as 23(out of college) through 50 are typically too busy working and raising children or involving their lives in activities which provide no time to get involved in any cause too time consuming regardless of its merit. The 50-65 group is the precarious age of the radical hippie agenda generation which doesn't need further discussion. Get EVERYONE off their ASS and

NOTE: A SMALL GROUP OF MOSLEMS WERE IN ATTENDANCE. Their intention was obvious. Voicing opposition to the film. When a speech was given by the host explaining the purpose and creating dialogue for the audience in a forum conducive to the film's content, the group addressed the host in an angry, loud, intimidating voice. He expressed his disgust with the host and stop just shy of actually threatening him. The Muslim, only refered to as Mohammud, was respectfully responded to by the host. Mohammud was invited to speak his views which were feeling of insult and the film was nothing but hate speech. He went on to say his sons, present next to him, were veterans of the current war. He said,"How dare you make such an insulting film when my sons put themselves on the line serving in the military for you?!" At this point the audience began to quietly heckle Mohammud. Others responded with question, feeling he didn't understand what was said during and after the film. A man in the audience who had at this point walked to the front of the theatre spoke to the bewildered crowd and Mohammud saying,"I think it's great to have a man here today who is disgusted by this films portrayal of radical Moslems and since he is here tonight let's have him be a local spokesman for the Host organization in speaking out against radical Islam. That is, if he is the moderate he says he is...........Needless to say his sons and he were unworthy of such an offer, but they responded after a short silence with sitting down! His sons, still standing, said they felt their father had a point and their service left them feeling betrayed by the country they love, the USA. Strong words, but not answering the man in the front who was still standing waiting for a response......Adam Hasner retorted the offer saying, " Come down and OPENLY CONDEMN RADICAL ISLAM!" "COME DOWN RIGHT NOW AND DEFEND MODERATE MOSLEMS AND SHOW THE AUDIENCE WHO YOU ARE...!!" They sat down with little to say. The audience slowly drifted in different directions. AND HE NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER CONDEMNED A DAMN THING!!!!!
Thank you for showing your support for your radical stance your heart really houses. You don't fool anyone. SIT DOWN!!!
And to the Hosts, their organization, and the audience members (like that man) thank you for confronting an intimidating situation and forcing these men to show their true feelings. G-D Bless!

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