Wednesday, October 22, 2008


How can the Democrats clean up the Republican mess?! Certainly, iit is apparent that they are responsible since Bush is President. Democrats only recently took control of the Congress. After all, Barney (Benedict Arnold) Frank was part of the solution because he did such a terrific job with the bailout bill. He was congratulated on his good work on TV by Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat cohorts and the US owes them a debt of gratitude for the way they have protected the public. I took pictures and posted them showing the result of the economic disaster perpetrated by the Republicans and now they are going to lose the White House also. And deservedly so. Or is it.............

Notice Rep. Meeks says,"I am pissed off!" A true Congressional class act. What professionalism and such an exemplary display we can all be proud of. I would be very proud to have voted for such a well spoken representative. SHMUCK.

Democrat Lacy Cray displays his disgust for Republican calls for regulation as "lynching" which has racist connotations.

The Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight director has to answer to Meeks and his expression is absolutely priceless!! Please watch closely at the 3:12 mark. Its a keeper!

Rep Chris Shays inadvertently blurts out that people are being paid off and he is afraid to find out how accurate his accusation is...3:40

Barney Benedict Arney Franks displays his tight oversight as a committee "Ranking Member" on the Financial Services Committee. He shows his dedication and displays his expertise in understanding what entails his position on the committee. Thank G-d he was there. 4:45

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