Friday, October 31, 2008


The following post is only an opinion and I am not necessarily stating absolute fact. The following post is stating a possible connection. Do your own diligence in order to confirm anything you read here or anywhere on the web. Thank you.

I have been hard at work digging up dirt and I finally hit a little paydirt. The connection between Obama and The New Party is widely publicized by the great people at To you gentlemen, great job!! I have been following their incredibly good detective work about how Obama was working with their members. According to the newzeal site, the founding members of this party are former members of 3 different groups:
1) ACORN-you know this group by now
2) the Communist Party of the USA-a very dangerous group. They have ties to communist groups through conferences around the world and are surprisingly well organized.
3) the Democratic Socialist Party- another radical group who work with communist socialist fringe groups together that pose a threat to everyone
The Democratic Socialist Party has a college branch which has members on several college campuses across the country. These groups have growing memberships and branch out to other radical groups to jointly perform organized protests. While under the disguise of "better wages", equality for all, immigrants rights, free college education and more, the causes sound credible. Anti war efforts resonate with many people in particular. When someone looks over their agenda, strangely, it sounds more and more aligning itself with the Democratic Party's current Presidential campaign. The latest cause has unmistakable and frightening similarities to the Obama reforms outlined. What is the cause I refer: Renegotiating NAFTA!! "THE RED LETTER" is the Young Democratic Socialists newsletter which is readily available for download on their site at At the site you can review the latest which is FALL 2008. Obama could have been reading directly from this newsletter when he details his direction for the country. What scares me is not only this organizations movement, but who they regularly get to address their members. On page four of the news letter it states in the third paragraph that they intend to have a representative of the Fatah Youth(sounds like Hitler Youth ..Hmmmm...) to address their members at a future meeting. Another connection that divulges Obamas true feelings, his real direction, and what ideology he takes to heart. I don't say I know the connection exists, but circumstantial evidence is impossible to rule out. Welcome to the next four years of sheer terror and G-d knows what.....................

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