Friday, October 10, 2008


In Florida, there have been 3 elections that have been tainted by unscrupulous tactics by all parties. Besides being raped of our reputation for helping to carry out fair elections (without fraud or intimidation), we are in question for being trusted and capable overseeing elections conducted in other countries. Internationally, President Carter has been an advocate for this job and should be relentless advocate in pursuing proper election procedure in this country, to say the least. Fraud is blatantly performed and rarely prosecuted to some in all elections, local or national. In Florida, the last local election was a very short time ago and the alleged fraud conducted ranged from something as trivial as knocking down opposing party signs on up. But the tactics just percolating under the surface could be as devious as going to a senior center for early registration and telling the voters not to seal their envelopes. Then, any votes thrown for the opposing party would be "lost." What happened to fair play and the rights of the voices of the democratic majority to make choices for elected officials? This act should be categorized as a violation of Civil Rights!! Imagine in the 21st century, the Civil Rights movement has redefined itself in a manner never imagined by the originators. As John Fund said, " When your vote is canceled out by voter fraud, your Civil Rights have been violated!"
Not so long ago, I remember Hillary Clinton making accusations regarding the "Right Wing Conspiracy" stealing an election. Al Gore furthered the rumor believability factor by saying black voters were denied their right to vote. This was a violation of Civil Rights reminescent of the early 20th Century. Was this guilty admission by the accusers knowing they themselves were guilty. I am only speculating but any basic Psychology class could propose a paper on the subject. Can you imagine the "chutzpah" of the Left to be accusing anyone of stealing any election when they are working hand-in-hand with organizations like ACORN or PINK!! If any remarks are to be taken seriously regarding such malicious acts, then the Congress should establish a committee of 3rd party impartial Washington outsiders consisting of independent groups or organizations. This will remove any deliberate wrongdoing or wild goose chases started at the expense of the tax payer. This could also provide a step up for independent characters to get recognition in the mainstream for positive collaboration with the tradition 2 parties. When the 2 major institutional parties running the government have tarnished their reputations, a third party could help reestablish the trust in our leaders that has all but been lost now and over the years.

Any fraud investigation should be championed by Democrats and Republicans. This step alone could be the catalyst needed to return trust in the mainstream mainstreet. Where is the outrage on both sides of the political spectrum? Where are the disgruntled Hillary constituents?

While ACORN and Obama raise headlines into fraud investigations about the Presidential election early voter registration, nobody has raised questions as to involvement by the ultra radical Left with the Primary Democratic election. ACORN has been affiliated with Obama and support his campaign fervently. This is substantiated by multiple articles in reputable media sources so this fact is indisputable. Therefore, working together against Hillary Clinton secretly, it is very believable that the nomination was stolen thru voter fraud ushering in Obama and his candidacy. I find the FEC (Federal Elections Committee) and FBI raiding ACORN offices nationally exacerbates the cause to stop early voter registration immediately. The ties between Obama and his leary past with other radical groups (Weathermen for example) implicate further in vestigation. To avoid any prejudicial connotations, I recommend an investigation into groups directly tied to McCain's organizations. SPREAD THE WORD!! And if you are disgruntled about Hillary's loss in the Primary, press the matter further.

I anticipate the ACORN leadership filing charges against the government for using intimidation and illegal proceeding to conduct the raids, rendering the evidence useless and inadmissable.
I recommend the web page for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation to get an accurate gauge of the disgust and resentment for all that has transpired over the last few years (and especially this last week!). The speakers are intellectual, well spoken and profoundly inspirational. They care about the bigger cause "THE COUNTRY" and it shows! I implore you to watch any of these lectures when the opportunity presents intelf. Then watch the Congressional hearing on the economic bill with "Benedict Arnold" Frank (Barney Frank) and see if you need to see the gastroenterologist shortly after.

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