Tuesday, October 21, 2008


IT IS THE (HELL) ABOUT TIME!! I know that remark is incoherent but well suited. I cannot believe it took this long to start taking action. Fight back and let the chips fall where they may. Obama has raised more money that any other candidate in history. IN HISTORY! And he doesn't divulge where or who the origin of the contributions are from. This should raise suspicion to their legitimacy, legality, and the deviousness of the individual or individuals who made them. This is a MAJOR issue. With enough pressure, and the fact that MCCAIN has already made his campaign contributors public info, I believe Obama will be forced to cave before its too late and give a list of these parties. Then we will be able to see which parties he will owe gratuity towards afterwards (if he steals the election).

PLEASE...............tell his campaign to start using there brains!! How ..can Obama raise this much capital in such an economic downturn? In a party that preaches "we are the party for the poor!?" Something should be said for common sense and gut feeling. Common sense dictates Obama is doing something underhanded or in poor taste. Getting this to the public would liquify his support leaving him hopeless. And gut feeling tells me something isn't right with who is making the contributions because he (Obama) didnt take taxpayer funds to help his campaign either. For a Guy out for the poor, he sure has a wealth of support!!

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