Wednesday, October 22, 2008


FIRST I WANNA THANK YOUTUBE RESIDENT BESTPOLITICALVIDEOS FOR THIS POST. I encourage everyone to go there and help him in any way possible. Spread the word and maybe we can pull this out after all.

Books: Along with my running mate, I voted against a bill that would have increased oversight of the banking and mortgage industries, especially Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That running mate I just mentioned? Well, he does not think I am qualified to be president, but hes since changed his mind. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of which: In a ten-year poll, I am the second-largest beneficiary of campaign contributions from the two largest corporate failures managed by Democratic CEOs (Fannie/Freddie). Pretty cool considering I have only been around about three years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh...and those CEOs that took advantage of deregulation and the American taxpayer now advise me (..but I cant admit it anymore. Sorry!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe that Americans should pay higher prices at the pumps because I plan on taxing heavily oil company profits to pay for my welfare programs (and my so-called tax cuts - which are not really cuts at all...heee heee!). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I plan on giving tax cuts to 95% of Americans, except that 40% of Americans already do not pay any significant income taxes. I am cutting taxes! Really! It is not Marxist income income redistribution! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe that govt is qualified to run a nationalized healthcare system. After all, look how well we handled the bailout! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And nobody is questioning any of this cuz Barbara Walters thinks I am sexy, and America is full of relatively good people who love my smile. (Boy, I do have great smile if I do say so myself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO AM I? (If you guess right, I will make sure my Truth Squads do not prosecute you for thinking freely! Good luck!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. IF YOU KNEW THIS ABOUT A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE UP-FRONT, WOULD YOU EVER VOTE FOR HIM OR HER? -------------------------------------------- How did Obama get this far?

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