Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I heard that Obama intends to state his full name when he accepts the Presidential chair. He is insistent on pronouncing his middle name in a gesture to improve the outlook with Islamic nations. Well, who gives a shit what they think? Is the Christian view going to be insulted if he uses his Muslim name? This is a Judeo-Christian country. I remember the Democratic Jews bolstering Obama's image by spreading the gossip on his FIRST name. They said his name was Barack, which sounds just like Baruch. And Baruch means blessed in Hebrew. Give me a freaking break. Jews lying to other Jews!! These deceptive people should be lawyers. They maliciously left out the fact that Barack is Arabic for blessed! Some Jews voted for Hitler. It is not so far fetched that they would have voted Arafat in as Prime Minister of Israel if they thought he was in the Labor Party (the Democratic Party equivalent in Israel). The Obama machine duped everyone into believing he will support Israel. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! He will bring about the demise of Israel. And the Jews will once again be responsible for their own destruction. As a Jew, I am annoyed at the self-righteous attitude of the Liberal Jew. He will justify his stand even if it is self defeating. Never willing to listen to any other view.
My articles on Obama's political stand towards Israel and how he intends to deal with the Mid East Peace Process are about as thorough and accurate as any expert could possibly imagine. I hope readers look through the articles we published and the future articles. When this Presaidency starts, I will post nearly daily on how he does. So far he supports Israel's response, supports tax cuts, and is considering raising taxes 10 cents on gasoline. So far he sounds more Republican. Now if he could just stop thinking about taxes....

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