Monday, November 10, 2008


Tiger Woods is bi-racial. He has never displayed a preferential lifestyle publicly. Yet, the media greets his "Black" side cordially and solely. His Asian half is rarely acknowledged. Here are two minority populations who want recognition in the public eye. The satisfaction of their populations contributing to society breeds proud feelings and sense of accomplishment. Why does the media ignore the Asian side of this sports star.
Obama is another example of an American who is bi-racial. He is the new President Elect in case you didn't here. He has known primarily his White side. He was brought up by his White mom and her parents. His Black side rarely comes public. He is identified as the "first Black" or "first African American" President. He is the first bi-racial President!! The Black background has a more incredible trip to talk about. Coming from a history with slavery to the top position arguably in the world....But maybe the media is shameful for calling such attention only to this race issue.
I think race is an issue for the time being. It won't continue to be an issue because of societal feelings changing. The media needs to divulge all relevant information. When they bring someone's minority background to the forefront, they need to recognize everything! It's shameful that reverse discrimination is expressed and until race is no longer discussed, the media needs to address and glorify the diversity of the American Melting Pot.


Anonymous said...

Hey RF!

A No Compromise Contributor, Jefferson Paine, posted a great piece on how to take back America called: GOP needs a “Freedom Contract with America”. Plz read this, and pass around the blog for posting if you know true Conservatives who are very angry with the RINO take over of our party! It’s time the Conservatives came out swinging!
Thanks a bunch!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Tiger Woods has not his racial makeup define him.

That's the most obvious distinction between him and Barack Obama, who has used his racial makeup as a stepping stone to get ahead.