Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The US election is over! The race between Obama and Hillary was a hotbed of words. Obama may have won, but the Clintons are running the show!! Why do I feel this is apparent? The inexperience of Obama sometimes showed during an impromptu "question and answer" session during the campaign. His charisma and composure was remarkable throughout. Once he solidified his position as the new President Elect, he suddenly became very quiet. The media kept his momentum in the public eye, but every decision made by him has been reminiscent of the Democratic "Camelot" of the '90's, the Clinton Administration!
Obama was picked for the Democratic ticket because he held the cards for motivating the apathetic and uninspired Black voter block to participate in unusually large numbers. The Democrats saw the upcoming campaign as particularly crucial due to the Supreme Court appointments (which will determine the make up for the next 20 plus years) . Also, the Democrats knew they were poised to win seats in Congress. If they have a controlling majority, the passage of typically controversial bills would be less hindered in getting their passage. The only hurdle left would be the veto authority of the President. This would lead the Congress in a stalemate between them and the President. They would fall into being labeled another do-nothing Congress as a result. Therefore, the only way to assure an unobstructed administration is to win a Congressional majority, the Presidency, and a (Left Wing Ideological) majority in the Supreme Court. The Politically Correct establishment would be giddy over an empowered Presidency.
Once Obama had been given time to recuperate from the stressful turmoil of the election, he was poised to take center stage but apparently found himself in a quagmire. The quagmire was "reality settling in" and he now must deliver on his campaign promises. Also, the responsibility of running the highest office in a responsible manner with an economic depression looming is intimidating. In addition, the expectations of the public, both here and abroad, have reached unattainable heights by anyone's measure. I can see it now: Obama and his family close the door of their home and let out a loud cheer in celebration of his victory. When the rejoicing seetles down....
Enter the Reality Check: "What the Hell do I do next?" Where can he look for guidance? Who has experience running the federal Government? Much to his chagrin, the only person with the experience, popularity, strength, and charisma is his former rival, now savior, Hillary Clinton.
Acting out of obvious fear and desperation, his predicament is leaving him little choice. Therefore, he must have made the call. He probably delayed the choice, but I suspect the party must have foreseen it. It appeared when she started to bolster his campaign, she had already arranged for a high position in his administration in exchange for plausible support for him. She took the backseat to the presidency and the party allowed her to run the show.
McCain actually appeared to be relieved after losing the election. His demeanor was radically altered afterwards when he appeared on late night TV. His composure seems to have returned. If he had won the election, I believe he might have picked Hillary to be in a cabinet post. HE NEEDED HER FOR THE VERY SAME REASONS!
My next prediction for the radical Left is to flood monies from this coutry into the Israeli early elections to unobstruct the "Peace Process" passage of the old Clinton regime.

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