Sunday, March 21, 2010


The company Marvel Comics has been publishing Cap Amer books since 1941. The comic has had several runs over the years and has been seen as an icon for what we stand for. I remember reading these books for years. As an avid fan, I have followed the stories for over 2 decades. As an adult, I admit I stopped buying the comic long ago. I loved the way the comic always had the character as THE moral ideal. Every character in the Marvel Universe would have respect for the character because of this fact. For young readers, this was a great way of teaching traditional values in a fun manner.

The writers have always tried to continue this picture until recently when "Cap" believed the Tea Party was a racist venue. Well, I can say that this direction has failed miserably to uphold the value of the character. While everyone in government today is crooked and morally appalling, "Cap" fails to find disgust in these people. The characters which uphold the spirit of America, like the Tea Party people, are shunned.

The character I knew never would have believed this country today. The comic was always rooted in the time with which it was written. In the '40s, Cap fought Nazis. Later, communists, super villains, criminals, and even got involved in Civil Rights. Today, the character should be a Tea Party leader.

In the future, I sincerely hope Marvel Comics takes politics out of its books. If political junk is touted by the current writers, the books will fail to uphold their iconic status. The bastardized renditions already printed have tainted my image. I will never buy another comic unless it's at least 20 years old. As for Captain America, I salute the old version and will miss him sorely. All hail Captain Socialism!!


Hamster said...

I wouldn't say that the Tea Party members were all racist.
TV coverage of tea party protest seem to show an overwhelmingly white constituency.
And some of the posters that they've been waving do have a racist undertone...showing president as a monkey or an african witch doctor.
They are not very organized so it's hard to tell if they are opposed to Obama or to other things like big government and deficit spending.
Certainly the same folks were very tame when a white president was running up the deficit spending and expanding the government with things like a new Department of Homeland Security...and replacing private airport screeners with government employees.
The racial slur that were hurled at Black Congressmen yesterday seems to indicate that there are some protestors who are racially motivated. For them a black president is probably much to stomach.
But it's hard to say because they are not organized and when push comes to shove they probably don't agree with each other on a lot of issues.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

First, thanks for the comment. Second, the Tea Party I belong to has hispanics, whites, vets, Jews, old, young and more. I would say the Black Panthers have primarily Black members. I would say immigrant rights groups have primarily hispanics. Your name hamster has a homophobic tone ..? Let's cut the crap. The Tea PArty is an American movement, period. Oh, weight watchers is anti-thin I suppose. If your education taught you about American History, you would understand the movement's purpose. Is your neighborhood mixed or primarily one type? If your white or black, gay or straight, people tend to congregate around the same ethnic backgrounds. It's not a necessity. It's a choice.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you missed all the posters at Tea Party conventions comparing Barack to a monkey or certain people carrying placards calling for him to be shot - but then again I'm pretty sure that you'd change your tune if any of them had a sign with the word 'KIKE' on it (even though it is a religious slur, and not a racist slur). Morons.

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