Sunday, January 18, 2009


PART I (Inspiration after the Mumbai Incident)
First, I want to acknowledge that other cultures are currently under attack other than the ones pointed to in this article. I beseech these groups to voice their desire to group together with us. Organization, counter measures, and recognition from the media is paramount to spreading the message to the masses. To our Christian brothers, "Spread the word!"
The Israelis have been cooperating with the Indians for several years about intelligence on a small to medium scale. The Indian
people are familiar with terrorism because of the close proximity to Pakistan and the insurgency, festering like a boil, in the Kashmir region. The endemic population is approximately 30 % Muslim. Therefore, India, rightfully so, has felt the vulnerability to terrorists and has had its proportion of experience dealing with it. Unfortunately, the reputation of retaliation and justice falls far too short. India has had Ghandi as their testament to their devotion to peacefully resolving the past disputes.
I have been following their plight for years. One only has to Google the train attack to return not one but multiple attacks. Year after year, the indiscriminate attacks on men, women, and many many children are reported with little demand from anyon, most noteably the UN. Where are the outcries to throw Pakistan out of the UN. Where are the countries' voices who deal with this horror on a regular basis. Why aren't the "Pacifists" saying, "Boycott Pakistani products until they crackdown on militants." Enter 2002:

One immmediately notices the lack of pictures displaying body after body of women and children for the media to incite the West. The headline reads,"Scores killed in India train attack." No headline to depict who was responsible! No word about who definitely perpetrated this horrible act. Only accusation made by police was Muslims were suspected!! Alluding to the possibility that their weren't definitely responsible. Semantics people!! Even a mention that Hindus were partly at fault because they had torn down a mosque sometime earlier. This actually gives justification for the murder. In addition, the Muslims were taunted by the women and children. This is another reason the BBC justifies the heinous act. That the real criminals were the children taughting the adult crowd of Muslims. Then the leaders want the Hindus to exercise restraint....Are they Fucking insane!!! Finally, the Muslims and Hindus had a scirmish earlier which preluded this event. Again, a reason to forgive the incident in the cause of understanding Hindu words must be met with Islamic rocks and firebombs.
Apparently the BBC treats all incidents regarding Islam and everyone else with the same disdain for the West. Whether the news wants fair and balance is not open for discussion. This reminds me of headlines Israel is receiving today.

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