Sunday, January 18, 2009



This site gives a laudry list of attacks that have taken place for nearly 10 years. Only a small example of the train attacks that take place. This is an example of just how large the problem is in India.


What bothers me about this article is the mention of victims in each case. In the first note, is clearly states Muslims were killed. No question who was the victim. In the next several attacks listed, it never mentions that the victims were Hindu or Indian. It states people or victims. Again, bias takes the shape of leaving information out selectively and presumably deliberately. The Gohdra attacks of 2002 shows 57 Hindus killed. BUT, then it points out it was allegedly done by the Muslims. Then, the (supposed) irrational and disproportionate retaliation by an incited mob of Hindus mercilessly and without cause kills thousands of Muslims. This statement is so filled with garbage, I can't believe anyone would write it. The attack was in response to an unprovoked stone attack and firebombing. The only thing the murdered Hindus did was rejoice about their pilgrimage. The Muslims answered a peaceful and public display of pride with phyical attack. How does anyone consciously think they can be equated?
I have seen video of the train attack. It was a horrible site! The government conducted a report that found the fire was not the cause of the Muslim Mob. On the video, the only rational conclusion was the total opposite. Nevertheless, I personally believe the report came to this conclusion out of necessity. The incitement of both parties at this point reached a boil and unless something turned down the temperature, this was never going to end. So, this was probably a political end more than a real investigation. This conclusion also directs blame of Hindus being the loose cannon, not the Muslims.
This is another example of irrational and disproportionate response by others against Muslims. Israel is getting the same treatment. Maybe a news agency needs to be created by us to respond to the bias reporting done by Al-Jazeera.

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