Thursday, January 15, 2009


One may be hard pressed to get information about a subject as difficult as Israel and the Arabs. I have noticed that the message has been lost by rewriting history based on myth. I have been following web sites for over 20 years and seen my share of sites die off. Many sites are long abandoned....left by well meaning individuals.
Jews were the people G-d chose for a great purpose. The purpose is different for different peoples. The story of Masada is well known. I remember the story while walking through the actual place. I was there when Helmet Kohl was visiting coincidentally. When looking up information about Masada on the internet, I came upon a site that gives the resources every Jew and righteous Gentile needs to answer the critics of the Mid East conflict. Like defenders of Masada during Biblical times, use this information to defend Israel, the US, the West and the Far East. The information may contain material which will attract the attention of hackers. Print it out in an effort to have the capacity to repost it as necessary. In the words of the 2 gentlemen who made the Bartles and James commercials, "We thank you for your support."

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Anonymous said...

U need to read the book Countdown Jerusalum to see that yes the Jews are the chosen, that the world events happening now coincide with the book of Daniel/Ezekiel........and that these unfolding mideast events are part of the timeline on the Kingdom Calender. The eyes of the world will see just how blessed Israel is. They are still the apple of God's eye......anyone who blesses Israel will be blessed and anyone who persecutes Israel will indeed be persecuted. This also goes for the USA when trying to arrange a peace agreement and giving back land that GOD gave to the stupid for us to have totally lost our minds, and now our economy is in the toilet........why am I not surprised. We've taken our eyes off our LORD and now we are "wandering in our own desert......."