Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is a website I have mentioned before and which deserves to be mentioned again. This site is written by a woman who is brilliant in her appreciation of art and her interpretation of how current politics is a reflection of it. She has won much notoriety about her work by a list of well respected individuals. A remarkable person inside and out. I have been lacking in the appreciation of art and somewhat uncultured, much to my chagrin. In my defense, I do enjoy certain pieces of art which speak to me. No, not the picture of dogs playing cards. I bought art at a festival in Israel a number of years ago by an Israeli artist who has been recognized by the established cultured elite. He has pieces all across Tel-Aviv, although I cannot mention any because I cannot read hebrew. I will post pictures of a few pieces tonight.
I don't believe I will ever be an avid admirer of art. But, if the author of this site continue to intrigue me with her writing, I could be very wrong!! Thank you


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