Sunday, January 18, 2009


With the internet, the reporting of news from traditional sources is being met with suspicion and disbelief and distrust by the average world citizen. Flashbacks from the story 1984, Brave New World, and others has finally been met and recognized. Today, with the average person handling a camera and a computer can become a world class reporter. The news is written by anonymous people who happen to take the mantle of watchdog. Sites I enjoy reviewing provide me with information I could never retrieve myself. When it comes to India, I rely on multiple friends who live in the area or have immediate family there.
The groundbreaking folks at hinduunity and the Kahane followers have been promoting one another for several years. I will be providing more information on India from the Hindus I know.
Another terrific site about India and their plight with terror is this.
This site called reports about attacks all over the world. Their information on India happens to be great. Please check them out. I will be adding them permanently to the sidebar.
I intend to write more on India in the next week so watch for it. I am running into some time consuming issues with our first podcast. I intend to follow through, but the podcast will be up very soon. Once its posted, I will be able to copntinue putting up more easily.
Also, I have not ignored the conflict in Israel. I have multiple articles coming about this and the reaction the world is having to the response.
India and Israel should openly help one another out. Their cooperation would generate the momentum needed to command attention in the UN and the fair treatment of countries dealing with the harsh reality of terrorism. Let's spread the word on the internet! See you for part VI.

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