Thursday, January 29, 2009


You read the headline correctly. I support job cuts for companies that have problems which could jeopardize their stability. If the companies are on the verge of completely folding, then this is the king of measure everyone should support.
NOW, if you actually read this article this far, you will see the real purpose of the headline. American companies can start their job cuts......overseas!! They were forcing employees several years ago to train foreign workers in anticipation of their job being cut here. That's right! You company executives thought all Americans have a short term memory! We DON'T! All through the Clinton years and some Bush, people were losing their job to cheaper wage new trainees overseas in countries like Indonesia, PAKISTAN, AND others. Countries which hate the United States and support terrorism. Countries which have terrorists in them. Countries which are now known for creating computer scams and conduct mass Internet Identity theft. How did these illiterate people learn how to infiltrate computer programs. Oh, we taught them because we wanted to spread the wealth around the world that we were enjoying. We wanted our companies to continue to increase the bottom line and to make annual reports to stock holders pleasing. So, we fired American workers, taught foreigners, created a new criminal industry, and now to continue to keep these companies viable....we must now believe our poor, poor companies must fire (who..?) ...the AMERICAN WORKER!! The American worker gets screwed again.
American companies can finally show some chutzpah and fire FOREIGN WORKERS! Keep the American worker even at the higher cost. In the process, follow the Republican position and cut the damn taxes. Show American companies we want them to stay here. Stop punishing them which only encourages moving out of here. High taxes and regulations have created an environment impossible to compete in a world economy. Instead of stupid Democratic policy, punishing companies with regulations and taxes...Oh, I am sorry! Did I piss off the environmentalists. Well, you Assholes are now losing your jobs too. I don't know if the environmentalists really want people to lose their jobs to cause a chaotic revolution around the world in some inane attempt of taking over the world with a Socialist agenda or what. I like to believe they aren't that contrived. Anyway, a policy of giving tax breaks and using TAX monies to help companies become energy efficient and environme tally sound would have made them more competitive and more profitable over time. Then they could pay the tax payer back over time like a loan from the bank at a very low interest. This would be available through the government because the government passed the regulation. When government sticks its nose in business, it should be in a temporary partnership, nor create government red tape and appointing a Czar. Jobs would have been kept here.
It's apparent that job losses will continue all year. It is also apparent that companies will cut jobs here first versus overseas because of the bottom line. The change Sheik Obama and the Communists of the Democratic Party plan on bringing is Socialist style government. The change is absolutely no change at all or total change in taking over whatever they feel is necessary. The younger generation doesn't even know how to recognize Soviet style government. I grew up during the Cold War. It is scary how close we are coming to their government. The same government that failed. Did you see the ridiculous Bill the Democrats ( and only the Democrats) just passed? If you feel we are going in the right direction, enjoy getting your pink slip.

Monday, January 26, 2009


To the "Honorable" (yes, a Farrakhan pun!) Rabbi Kahane, Jews will forever owe you their gratitude because of your eloquent perception :
"Dear World, you stood by the Holocaust and you stood by in 1948 as seven states launched a war that the Arab League proudly compared to the Mongrol Massacres. You stood by in 1967 as Nasser, wildly cheered by wild mobs in every Arab capital in the world, vowed to drive the Jews into the sea. And you would stand by tomorrow if Israel were facing extinction, we will do everything possible to remain alive in our own land. If that bothers you, dear world, well--think of how many times in the past you bothered us. In any event, dear world, if you are bothered by us, here is one Jew who could not care less."
The piss poor treatment by the press/media at large at Israel is ubiquitous. The combination of tradition media and internet savy anti-Western radicals has been steadfast in delivering a message of unbridled hate unlike anything before it. Permeated by a filthy, vile picture of Western Culture accounts of history, the people spreading these feelings aim their efforts primarily towards Israel. The status of the Jewish State is unique. Its downfall would domino into a revolution of destruction not seen since WWII. How can I make the comparison? One only has to look at the current economic crisis to see how things can quickly tumble.
Many questions have been proposed by the public at large pertaining to the Israeli Gaza crisis. Most of the discussions being run in forums demonstrate how distorted the history and circumstances have become. I am going to discuss what is being discussed in an attempt to clarify the misinformation. Also, define why the circumstances are occurring in the way they are panning out.
See Part II

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is a website I have mentioned before and which deserves to be mentioned again. This site is written by a woman who is brilliant in her appreciation of art and her interpretation of how current politics is a reflection of it. She has won much notoriety about her work by a list of well respected individuals. A remarkable person inside and out. I have been lacking in the appreciation of art and somewhat uncultured, much to my chagrin. In my defense, I do enjoy certain pieces of art which speak to me. No, not the picture of dogs playing cards. I bought art at a festival in Israel a number of years ago by an Israeli artist who has been recognized by the established cultured elite. He has pieces all across Tel-Aviv, although I cannot mention any because I cannot read hebrew. I will post pictures of a few pieces tonight.
I don't believe I will ever be an avid admirer of art. But, if the author of this site continue to intrigue me with her writing, I could be very wrong!! Thank you



With the internet, the reporting of news from traditional sources is being met with suspicion and disbelief and distrust by the average world citizen. Flashbacks from the story 1984, Brave New World, and others has finally been met and recognized. Today, with the average person handling a camera and a computer can become a world class reporter. The news is written by anonymous people who happen to take the mantle of watchdog. Sites I enjoy reviewing provide me with information I could never retrieve myself. When it comes to India, I rely on multiple friends who live in the area or have immediate family there.
The groundbreaking folks at hinduunity and the Kahane followers have been promoting one another for several years. I will be providing more information on India from the Hindus I know.
Another terrific site about India and their plight with terror is this.
This site called reports about attacks all over the world. Their information on India happens to be great. Please check them out. I will be adding them permanently to the sidebar.
I intend to write more on India in the next week so watch for it. I am running into some time consuming issues with our first podcast. I intend to follow through, but the podcast will be up very soon. Once its posted, I will be able to copntinue putting up more easily.
Also, I have not ignored the conflict in Israel. I have multiple articles coming about this and the reaction the world is having to the response.
India and Israel should openly help one another out. Their cooperation would generate the momentum needed to command attention in the UN and the fair treatment of countries dealing with the harsh reality of terrorism. Let's spread the word on the internet! See you for part VI.



This site gives a laudry list of attacks that have taken place for nearly 10 years. Only a small example of the train attacks that take place. This is an example of just how large the problem is in India.


What bothers me about this article is the mention of victims in each case. In the first note, is clearly states Muslims were killed. No question who was the victim. In the next several attacks listed, it never mentions that the victims were Hindu or Indian. It states people or victims. Again, bias takes the shape of leaving information out selectively and presumably deliberately. The Gohdra attacks of 2002 shows 57 Hindus killed. BUT, then it points out it was allegedly done by the Muslims. Then, the (supposed) irrational and disproportionate retaliation by an incited mob of Hindus mercilessly and without cause kills thousands of Muslims. This statement is so filled with garbage, I can't believe anyone would write it. The attack was in response to an unprovoked stone attack and firebombing. The only thing the murdered Hindus did was rejoice about their pilgrimage. The Muslims answered a peaceful and public display of pride with phyical attack. How does anyone consciously think they can be equated?
I have seen video of the train attack. It was a horrible site! The government conducted a report that found the fire was not the cause of the Muslim Mob. On the video, the only rational conclusion was the total opposite. Nevertheless, I personally believe the report came to this conclusion out of necessity. The incitement of both parties at this point reached a boil and unless something turned down the temperature, this was never going to end. So, this was probably a political end more than a real investigation. This conclusion also directs blame of Hindus being the loose cannon, not the Muslims.
This is another example of irrational and disproportionate response by others against Muslims. Israel is getting the same treatment. Maybe a news agency needs to be created by us to respond to the bias reporting done by Al-Jazeera.


PART I (Inspiration after the Mumbai Incident)
First, I want to acknowledge that other cultures are currently under attack other than the ones pointed to in this article. I beseech these groups to voice their desire to group together with us. Organization, counter measures, and recognition from the media is paramount to spreading the message to the masses. To our Christian brothers, "Spread the word!"
The Israelis have been cooperating with the Indians for several years about intelligence on a small to medium scale. The Indian
people are familiar with terrorism because of the close proximity to Pakistan and the insurgency, festering like a boil, in the Kashmir region. The endemic population is approximately 30 % Muslim. Therefore, India, rightfully so, has felt the vulnerability to terrorists and has had its proportion of experience dealing with it. Unfortunately, the reputation of retaliation and justice falls far too short. India has had Ghandi as their testament to their devotion to peacefully resolving the past disputes.
I have been following their plight for years. One only has to Google the train attack to return not one but multiple attacks. Year after year, the indiscriminate attacks on men, women, and many many children are reported with little demand from anyon, most noteably the UN. Where are the outcries to throw Pakistan out of the UN. Where are the countries' voices who deal with this horror on a regular basis. Why aren't the "Pacifists" saying, "Boycott Pakistani products until they crackdown on militants." Enter 2002:

One immmediately notices the lack of pictures displaying body after body of women and children for the media to incite the West. The headline reads,"Scores killed in India train attack." No headline to depict who was responsible! No word about who definitely perpetrated this horrible act. Only accusation made by police was Muslims were suspected!! Alluding to the possibility that their weren't definitely responsible. Semantics people!! Even a mention that Hindus were partly at fault because they had torn down a mosque sometime earlier. This actually gives justification for the murder. In addition, the Muslims were taunted by the women and children. This is another reason the BBC justifies the heinous act. That the real criminals were the children taughting the adult crowd of Muslims. Then the leaders want the Hindus to exercise restraint....Are they Fucking insane!!! Finally, the Muslims and Hindus had a scirmish earlier which preluded this event. Again, a reason to forgive the incident in the cause of understanding Hindu words must be met with Islamic rocks and firebombs.
Apparently the BBC treats all incidents regarding Islam and everyone else with the same disdain for the West. Whether the news wants fair and balance is not open for discussion. This reminds me of headlines Israel is receiving today.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Without a second thought, it's Mr. Warner. This guy is a one man army. His web site is littered with information that should wake up anyone who thinks this country is safe and going in the right direction. The terrorists HATE this guy!! And that is why we love 'em! I only hope he continues the fine work. His research is second to none. Americans Against Hate and Joyce Kaufmann need to contact this guy. He describes himself as the following:

"Bill Warner owner of WBI Inc. Private Detective Agecny Sarasota Fl since 1995. Website WWW.WBIPI.COM Consultant to the FBI and ICE on smuggling of vehicles from the USA to Dubai and into Iraq in support of terrorism. Consultant to the US Secret Service on money laundering cases."

This is a small sample of the current headlines which should inspire anyone with half a brain to visit the site.

Florida man indicted in threat to kill Barack Obam...
Somali Islamists execute Ethiopian 'spy' Abdirahma...
Chicago Muslim Terrorists Zubair Ahmed And Khaleel...
No Credible Threats Seen For Super Bowl, Officials...
Florida Private Investigator Robert A. Levinson, a...
UGG-ly Jihad: Overpriced Boot Company Gives You An...
Osama Bin Laden tape A Call for Jihad to Stop the...
A Muslim 'Mafia' ? Tampa Muslim Mafia Runs Stolen ...


Lastly, I copied this information from the site solely out of admiration. Anyone who doesn't bother to visit this site should be considered RUCKING FIDICULOUS!!


Joe Hicks and the Conservative community are getting organized. Obviously, the election is the motivation for grassroots movements on both sides. I am annoyed the best speakers on the Right failed to put the center Right message into the media limelight. The Fox news network allows lesser known leaders to get into the forefront of politics. The internet spider web should be the next avenue. Traditional TV has been tarnished with rhetoric overwhelming the real story. Now the internet TV can be used to level the playing field. This conference holds the answer to what the future holds for all of us. Log in and sign up!! Prepare Tivo!! Let's show solidarity, interest, and positive momentum....and much needed rationality!

Conference info click HERE!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


First off, I want to let the writer(s) at the Ballseye Boomers site know that we periodically take a look. A great site to find a list of sites to learn about guns and the issues of some good people on their day-to-day situation. True Americans who have gotten involved in family and the things important to all who make this country great. I have gone over about half the sites and found them to be well researched. If you need to hear from someone who makes the average American anything but average, look at this site. Glenn, I am going to the biggest gun show in the country this week. I want you to know I will be thinking of your site when I walk around looking at the new items for 2009. Your site is permanently added to our blogroll. G-d bless you, your family, and the direction you and I try to lead this country into. If you don't visit this site, your Rucking Fidiculous!!


I have had this site posted in the blog roll but I had the site as a .org when it has been changed to Okay, in case anyone has been misled about the referral..I have corrected the site link. So, if you were intimidated by a billion Muslims, you now have a billion Hindus against them. Never forget Mumbai! Never forget the "train incident." For other events not shown to the US audience, I encourage you to check it out!! And tell them we sent you..!


One may be hard pressed to get information about a subject as difficult as Israel and the Arabs. I have noticed that the message has been lost by rewriting history based on myth. I have been following web sites for over 20 years and seen my share of sites die off. Many sites are long abandoned....left by well meaning individuals.
Jews were the people G-d chose for a great purpose. The purpose is different for different peoples. The story of Masada is well known. I remember the story while walking through the actual place. I was there when Helmet Kohl was visiting coincidentally. When looking up information about Masada on the internet, I came upon a site that gives the resources every Jew and righteous Gentile needs to answer the critics of the Mid East conflict. Like defenders of Masada during Biblical times, use this information to defend Israel, the US, the West and the Far East. The information may contain material which will attract the attention of hackers. Print it out in an effort to have the capacity to repost it as necessary. In the words of the 2 gentlemen who made the Bartles and James commercials, "We thank you for your support."


The economy is tanking faster than a rock. The government has taken measures to correct the problem but has failed in alleviating the continued fall. As I discussed earlier, liquidity is NOT the problem. The interest rate is NOT the problem because the rate the banks offer is already extremely low. The poor credit ratings for prior loans is not the problem. What is holding up the consumer spending and the release of funds for large purchase items?
The problems are all of these to some degree. And some reasons are not mentioned here for lack of my time to review them. I am just happy to get my damn computer back to blog!!
The SOLUTION may be easier to come by. The solution must address everything or we will never recuperate long term. The solution must be fair to everyone including those who never got mixed up in the first place.
First, the government loaned money to the banks which prevented them from failing. Their failure would have caused total collapse of the financial structure whose implications would have cause 1929 again. Second, the banks need to immediately cut the interest rate on ALL loans already done to half their rate and lock in the rate for the borrower. With everyone in a fixed rate, everyone knows where they stand on payments and the change in the rate will no longer create anxiety. The banks will continue to receive some interest, therefore they will be making a small amount of profit. Since the citizens bailed them out, it's only fair. The lower payments will free up money for the consumer to spend, ending the consumer confidence crisis. Foreclosures will disappear because payments will be affordable to the borrower. The banks will not have to lower the principal borrowed, stopping the fear of loaning more money. Fairness is given to the consumer who didn't get involved by this measure, also. All these things will stabilize the housing price market. States, cities, townships, etc. have lowered taxes on property. This will make higher priced house more attractive to new buyers.
Finally, none of the measures I discussed cause the deficit to grow larger! The positive aspects connected to this are too numerous to list. Tell Obama to stop increasing the debt, start finding ideas that address America's problems without throwing money out the window. A larger nation debt is rucking fidiculous!!


When it comes to a message resonating with the young people, rap music seems to be the "soap box" of the 21st century. With the world about to condemn Israel on the most recent conflict, I find this song not only brings me the feeling of validation and pride for the Israeli response... It brings the right message to the masses! This song should be "the ANTHEM" of the righteous movement of Zionism. When it comes to choosing sides in the endless war between Islam and Jews, tell 'em, "supporting Israel is Kosha!"

When are you comin' to Florida!! Because it's not soon enough!

The Real Occupation is going to be my ringtone.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I have not had the opportunity to read for pleasure in a long time. For the holidays, luckily, I was able to find enough of it to read Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker columnist and author of two bestsellers Tipping Point and Blink.

Outliers is itself an outlier, fast becoming a story of success. Gladwell presents fascinating vignettes of people and groups of people who have achieved success ostensibly through their own sheer grit and merit. But then he questions whether their own merit and hard work are the only factors that led to their success. Or whether they were ricipients of advantages of what Gladwell calls "hidden opportunities."

For example, Gladwell looks into why the top Canadian hockey players are overwhelmingly born in January, February, and March. Of course these players are gifted, talented, hard working, etc. But is there another explanation, some hidden opportunity that the hockey stars had?

Apparently, the elite Canadian youth hockey leagues begin at 10 years old and the registration date is January 1st. So if you are born after January 1st, and the closer your birthdate is to January 1st, the more physically and mentally mature you'll be by January 1st of the following year relative to your league competitors.

For instance, Wayne Gretzky, no doubt an outlier in major league hockey, was born on January 26. He was 9 years old on January 1st (making him ineligible for the elite hockey league), but 25 days later he turned 10 years old. So by January 1st of the following year (when he was eligible), Gretzky was physically and mentally more mature than the other 10 year olds in the elite youth league, because he was only 25 days away from turning 11. Thanks to his relatively higher maturity, Gretzky excelled at every stage in Canada's pyramidal youth hockey leagues. And because he excelled, he received more attention by the coaches and his parents. Ultimately, Gretzky got swept up by a cycle that honed his hockey play and hoisted him to the top of the Canadian hockey pyramid.

These hidden opportunities are also found in many elite youth soccer leagues in Europe which have registration dates of August 1st. As you can imagine, many of the top European soccer stars have birthdates immediately following August 1st.

Another vignette that I found fascinating was Gladwell's look into why Asians are outliers in math. Is it because Asians are simply innately smarter? (As an Asian myself, I liked to think so.) Not so. Instead, Gladwell suggests that Asian languages (and so too Hebrew) treat numbers in an uninterrupted logical manner which makes it easier for young children to grasp numbers.

For example, in Korean, eleven is literally translated to mean ten-one, twelve is ten-two, thirteen is ten-three, and etc. Moreover, twenty is two-ten, thirty is three-ten, and etc. Any non-Korean reader of an IQ of 80 or higher can probably figure out the Korean number system with the two examples I've presented. And there is the key: expectancy. Logic creates expectancy and understanding. In turn, Asian children become more comfortable with numbers and they can memorize numbers quicker and retain them longer.

Like the hockey example, a higher comfort level with numbers at early ages begins a cycle of learning and enjoyment with subjects involving numbers.  And when you are comforable and creative with numbers, you tend to be more diligent in solving mathematical problems and equations. Fast forward twenty years to college and graduate levels, Asians have a distinct advantage in math.

Gladwell concludes each story with suggestions on how we can improve our education system and our society in general by focusing on these hidden opportunities. I will discuss these suggestions in a later post.

Of course as with many other books that suggest different causes for particular effects , you can think of other examples that cause the effects, which I gather is the point. Gladwell does an excellent job in making the reader think, question, and challenge conventional wisdom. 

At your service,

American Confucius


Yep! I had a computer crash about 2 weeks ago while working on our future podcasting. I had been working on a several podcasts and the cover art icon. I do not know how much I can recover but I am in the process of having that done. I appreciate all the responses and apologize for not answering them sooner. I have tremendous amounts of word done but feel the podcast is priority one. American Confucius will be posting some articles today or tomorrow to keep us going. I will be using this back up computer to attempt blogging in the meantime. Thank you for following us thus far and I promise we will be fervently blogging again within a week. Ana I mean FERVENTLY!