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This is a video of the plight of the Ethiopian Jews who returned to Israel. I remember a prior trip to Israel I was on a train traveling towards the north. I was the only white person on the entire car. The car was filled with soldiers speaking fluent Hebrew. I was surrounded by Ethiopians who felt Israel was their homeland. And it is! I have met some Ethiopians and found them to be wonderful people. I cannot show the pictures I have taken with them in order to stay anonymous. Still, when I visit Israel, they find Americans fascinating. I find them to be my favorite people in all of Israel. Please watch and enjoy.

Ethiopia to the Knesset!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance Day--April 23

While ignorance and hate still beats in the hearts of evil men like Ahmedinajad of Iran, and Daffy Qadaffi of Libya, Saddam Insane of Iraq, and others, the rest of the world mourns the loss of life. This is a Jewish "Scarlett Letter." All mass murder is condemned openly. The Jews do not claim to be the only people who suffered great loss. Everyone should stand together against such acts and the people capable of committing them. The Jews feel overwhelmed with grief over others due to the fact that the near total annihilation of all its people nearly took place. To all the survivors I know, you are to be cherished and admired. To all other people who have felt such terror, you are appreciated. To those lost, I grieve for you and your families.
To the people who condone such acts, who deny they took place, or who are sympathetic to this hate.....F@ck you!

While many may feel this is a sign that common sense still lives within the United Nations, I disagree. The fact that everyone did not walk out or boo him silent or condemn the speech afterwards tells me nothing has changed. The other leaders are disgraceful.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is a newsletter from ACT FOR AMERICA. I recommend every person reading this post to join in the fight and support their efforts. Enjoy.

Those Who Ignore History Are Condemned - Somali Piracy in Context

by D.L. Adams

On April 6 in an address to the parliament of Turkey, US President Obama said that the relationship between the United States and the "Muslim world" is an important one. "In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical," the president said. During the same address the President stated, "We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country." Mr. Obama neglected to explain in what way(s) Islam has the shaped and improved the United States. The founding fathers of the United States did not share Mr. Obama's appreciation for the "Islamic faith". In fact Jefferson, Adams, JQ Adams, and Benjamin Franklin were all were deeply concerned about the dangers that Islam represented to the new nation. Our ongoing experiences with the 21st century version of the Barbary pirates off the coast of Somalia, most recently today when an American freighter captain was freed from pirate captivity by the US Navy, illustrates a great deal about our prior relations with the "religion of peace" and how our previous leaders reacted. There is little discussion in the mainstream press about the link between Somali Islamism, piracy, and jihad, but the linkage is there nonetheless.

In spite of the news media distancing the recent attack on a cruise ship off the coast of Somalia from global terrorism, intelligence experts believe this is just the latest operation initiated against the United States and the West by Al-Qaeda. (source)

The irony perhaps is that Islam did in fact play a very important role in the early stages of the development of the United States - Islam was directly responsible for the development of the United States Navy and for the concepts that allowed for its deployment far from our coasts. The American Navy is not a river navy or coastal defense force; it is a global tool of American power whose origins can be traced directly back to an earlier American-Islam confrontation. After the American Revolution, pirates from the Barbary states (Algiers, Morcoco) attacked American shipping off the coast of North Africa in the Mediterranean and took the crews. This piracy against American shipping started in 1784 and finally ended in 1815. The Islamic rulers of these Barbary States demanded payment of tribute from the new country and it was paid, and paid. President Jefferson sent a naval force against the pirates in 1803-05. The Marine Corps were also sent in and after a long overland march, took the city of Tripoli in 1805 (thus "to the shores of Tripoli" in the Marine Corps hymn). Is the Somali piracy of today related to the Barbary pirates of the early 19th century? When then Ambassadors Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with the Ambassador from Tripoli in 1785, to reach a solution to the attacks against American shipping and crews they were dragged into a dark world in which we are still today.

"When they inquired by what right the Barbary states preyed upon American shipping, enslaving both crews and passengers, America’s two foremost envoys were informed that “it was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.” (Source) The Barbary piracy was based upon the doctrine of Islam, calling for endless war against the unbeliever everywhere, including at sea.

To Muslims in the heyday of Barbary piracy, there were, at least in principle, only two forces at play in the world: the Dar al-Islam, or House of Islam, and the Dar al-Harb, or House of War. The House of Islam meant Muslim governance and the unrivaled authority of the sharia, Islam’s complex system of holy law. The House of War was simply everything that fell outside of the House of Islam — that area of the globe not under Muslim authority, where the infidel ruled. For Muslims, these two houses were perpetually at war — at least until mankind should finally embrace Allah and his teachings as revealed through his prophet, Mohammed.

Today, we are dealing with the same Islam. Islam is considered perfect, unchangable, unchallengable, by adherents. It is the perfect word of the perfect Allah, and carried to the world by the perfect example of humanity for all Muslims to emulate, Mohammed. History has returned, again.

"The Barbary pirates were not a “radical” or “fundamentalist” sect that had twisted religious doctrine for power and politics, or that came to recast aspects of their faith out of some form of insanity. They were simply a North African warrior caste involved in an armed jihad — a mainstream Muslim doctrine. This is how the Muslims understood Barbary piracy and armed jihad at the time, and, indeed, how the physical jihad has been understood since Mohammed revealed it as the prophecy of Allah."

If the United States was unable to fight the pirates, they would be forced to continue to pay extortion to the Barbary States, a kind of high seas jizya. Jefferson immediately determined to fight. When he became president he was able to implement the plans that he had formulated after diplomacy to resolve Barbary piracy had failed. And are we not in the same position now? During a phone conversation with a journalist prior to the attack against them by US Navy SEALs to free the captured American sailor, one of the Somali jihadist/pirates said, "We never kill people. We are Muslims. We are marines, coastguards -- not pirates," one said. Not quite marines, not quite coastguard, at least not in the American sense of the terms.

Paying the ransom would only lead to further demands, Jefferson argued in letters to future presidents John Adams, then America's minister to Great Britain, and James Monroe, then a member of Congress. As Jefferson wrote to Adams in a July 11, 1786, letter, "I acknolege [sic] I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace thro' the medium of war." Paying tribute will merely invite more demands, and even if a coalition proves workable, the only solution is a strong navy that can reach the pirates, Jefferson argued in an August 18, 1786, letter to James Monroe: "The states must see the rod; perhaps it must be felt by some one of them. . . . Every national citizen must wish to see an effective instrument of coercion, and should fear to see it on any other element than the water. A naval force can never endanger our liberties, nor occasion bloodshed; a land force would do both." "From what I learn from the temper of my countrymen and their tenaciousness of their money," Jefferson added in a December 26, 1786, letter to the president of Yale College, Ezra Stiles, "it will be more easy to raise ships and men to fight these pirates into reason, than money to bribe them." (source)

When he became the 3rd President, Jefferson took action, and the United States Navy was sent to deal with the Barbary Coast pirates, which they did.

When Jefferson became president in 1801 he refused to accede to Tripoli's demands for an immediate payment of $225,000 and an annual payment of $25,000. The pasha of Tripoli then declared war on the United States. Although as secretary of state and vice president he had opposed developing an American navy capable of anything more than coastal defense, President Jefferson dispatched a squadron of naval vessels to the Mediterranean. As he declared in his first annual message to Congress: "To this state of general peace with which we have been blessed, one only exception exists. Tripoli, the least considerable of the Barbary States, had come forward with demands unfounded either in right or in compact, and had permitted itself to denounce war, on our failure to comply before a given day. The style of the demand admitted but one answer. I sent a small squadron of frigates into the Mediterranean. . . ."

We can trace the development of the US Navy directly to Thomas Jefferson's interaction with jihadist pirates. President Obama was right about the "Islamic faith" having "done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country," but probably not in the way that he had intended. The development of our national defense capabilities are fundamentally linked with an American conflict with Islam in 1805. John Quincy Adams didn't have to deal with the Barbary States directly as president, but his father John Adams did. Considered one of the most brilliant men to sit in the White House, JQ Adams is particularly perceptive about Islam. His warnings on the matter ring as true today as they did more than 100 years ago. The Islam that Adams discusses is the same Islam we see today.

John Quincy Adams possessed a remarkably clear, uncompromised understanding of the permanent Islamic institutions of jihad war and dhimmitude. Regarding jihad, Adams states in his essay series,

Confirming Adams’ assessment, the late Muslim scholar, Professor Majid Khadduri, wrote the following in his authoritative 1955 treatise on jihad, War and Peace in the Law of Islam :
“Thus the jihad may be regarded as Islam’s instrument for carrying out its ultimate objective by turning all people into believers, if not in the prophethood of Muhammad (as in the case of the dhimmis), at least in the belief of God. ...The universality of Islam, in its all embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political if not strictly military.”3 source
There is a certain bizarre justice here that our Navy ships were on hand to effect the release of an American ship captain through military action against Somali pirates likely affiliated with Islamism because of events that occurred with other Islamist pirates more than 200 years ago. When you hear in the mainstream press pundits and commentators saying that the Somali piracy is "unprecedented", don't believe it because it is not so. And don't believe that our current struggle with political Islam is also unprecedented. This is a conflict of 1400 years. Since 9/11 some of us have accepted this truth. Long before our generation, other Americans struggled with similar matters. Our founding fathers fought the jihadists of the Barbary States and came to know Islam through their jihad against innocent unbelievers. By 1830 John Quincy Adams had not forgotten the lesson. We must learn the same lesson again; then, never forget it. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. If we today choose to ignore the lessons of history we are simply condemned - we will have no opportunity to repeat.
“In the seventh century of the Christian era a wandering Arab, of the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combing the powers of transcendent genius with the preternatural energy of a fanatic and the fraudulent spirit of an imposter, proclaimed himself as a messenger from heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth.

Adopting, from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God, he connected indissolubly with it the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as part of his religion against all the rest of mankind. The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust; to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.

Between these two religions, thus contrasted in the characters, a war of more than twelve hundred years has already raged. That war is yet flagrant; nor can it cease but by the extincture of that imposture, which has been permitted by Providence to prolong the degeneracy of man. While the merciless and dissolute are encouraged to furnish motives to human action, there never can be peace on earth and good will toward men. The hand of Ishmael will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” John Adams, 1830
–John Quincy Adams, “Christianity—Islamism.” “Unsigned essays dealing with the Russo-Turkish War, and on Greece,” originally published in The American Annual Register for 1827—1829 (New York, 1830), Chs. X-XIV: 267—402. (source)

First published in the ACT West Nashville:


I was watching the MSNBC channel this morning. They have on a guest expert every morning. The CEO/President of an investment group called Lefrak. While I believe these investors are top notch, the solution to the housing crisis was just poor. The Lefrak President was asked for his expert opinion on solving the housing surplus. His answer: immigrants. Allowing them to buy houses would gobble up the 2,000,000 oversupply of housing.
What is wrong with this? I don't have time to address everything wrong with this answer but.....I am shocked he would entertain such an answer. He did say they must qualify. Still, the fact remains buying a house with qualified immigrants opens the door for every other problem associated with immigrants increasing. This would cause so many other problems to explode in size, it is hard to believe he suggested it.
Maybe that solution would help cars, too. Should immigrants be given loans for cars and houses. What would qualifications be if different from a citizen? I am beginning to wonder what the difference is between being a citizen and every other status?
Desperation is starting to turn to stupidity. Let's keep calm. Other solutions are out there. Ideas for more appropriate solutions: incentives to all returning soldiers, more incentives for first time buyers, discounted loans for housing for disaster relief citizens. Instead of refurbishing old housing projects which would cost more money than they are worth, replace housing projects with moderate priced new housing. Then use the old projects for homeless shelters, for new jails, for new schools, or use for new government offices rather than building new.
Don't complicate the problem, please. Don't even provide the Left with irrational motivation for their causes. I have hope that American ingenuity will prevail with ideas for the existing housing issues. Or simply, the idea was thrown out there during the show because the Left have altered the MSNBC show because it was too Right? Whatever? This idea was rucking fidiculous!

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Watch for the Kahane symbol!!

Netanyahu HQ

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This is a picture of the HQ for the campaign for the current Prime Minister of Israel. I think he is the only chance Israel has of surviving the "Sheik Obama Years."

T-Shirt (Or T-Shit)

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This is a long time friend who after many years of brainwashing has not only lost his hair, according to this t-shirt, has also lost his mind.


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This is the BIG quote they got to use underneath the frontpage picture. Pathetically dishonest!!

The Palm Beach (Com)Post Spiteful Analysis of the Tea Party Revolution

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This picture of the Tea Party downtown West Palm Beach was used on the front page of the local rag. The paper claims that between 600 and 1000 people participated in the protest. I participated by being present. The volunteers gathered nearly 2000 signatures . The paper acknowledges 800 cities were included. The Left zombie-fied socialists have insisted that the participants are "red Necks", "racists", "hate a black man", "spiteful rich", etc. The portrayal of this view by the local compost is clearly seen underneath the picture where it states,"'This is a land grab for socialism', a yacht broker says at the West Palm demonstration." The paper failed to interview and quote any of the leaders or volunteers identified easily by their tags. The volunteers were moms and dads, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, and all races and nationalities. I recommend everyone who was at the Tea Party write to the paper and if a retraction isn't given then they should consider canceling their subscription.

The Palm Beach (Com)Post Spiteful Analysis of the Tea Party Revolution of Real Change

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Sheik Obama, what would you like in your tea? 1 lump or 2?

Tea Party Pics

The supporters stayed afterwards for nearly an hour. The crowds during reached approximately 3000!

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Tea Party Supporters

A spontaneous crowd of supporters were overwhelmed with American Spirit and continued to spread the word.

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Tea Party Pics

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Palm Beach Tea Party

The Tea Party event was a great success! With more events planned, "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union" are taking control back from the radical Left and the pseudo-Right. Like golf, everyone follow through after showing up & sign the petition.

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All of a sudden the Black Caucas decided to visit Castro and declare him the "Little Messiah." That the past 50 years has been forgiven! Forgiven? Maybe I should ask, " he is now immortalized?" Are we to believe that he has shown the US has had a foolish policy towards Cuba which should immediately be abandoned? Hmm.... Instead, Castro's policies should be revered for their outstanding achievement?!? Cuba has a very high literacy rate. Cuba has implimented socialized medicine which the US needs to catch up with. Well.....that is a load of BULLSHIT!
Castro is a Communist/Socialist. This form of government was the enemy of the US for approx 75 years. While living through the Cold War in my younger years, the never ending threat of attack from the Communist Block was possible. The allegiance of the Russians was the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Today, the questionable status of the Russians as friend or foe should be revisited when reviewing any policy towards Cuba.
The Cuban regime was never tolerant towards any criticism. Any opposition to the government was met with death or jail. The political asylum given to all Cubans who make it to our shores is because of this Communist policy.
The seizure of all private property when the Cuban Revolution took place was instituted. In a government like Cuba's, private property is a freedom no longer enjoyed. All the property was confiscated with no compensation to land owners.
The emptying of all mental institutions and jails was implemented in 1980. When the people were sent sailing, they were left to themselves. If the ships sank or anyone got sick didn't matter. Left to their own devices, the former Cubans hoped to make it to the US. This is a questionable Human Rights violation. Plus, some of these people in jail had trumped up charges. All were given no choice. Leave or die.
Religious tolerance is low. In most Communist regimes, religion is banned. Forget Scientology Tom Cruise, Dianetics Mr Hubbard, Islam, Judaism, Etc.
AIDS victims are isolated from the rest of the population in order to quarantine the disease. While it will stop its spread, is it
fair to the victims who have no choice but to cooperate.
Finally, he took over the country in a coup. He used the guerilla military to violently take over. No voting took place. Many were murdered and many fled. By allowing this government "normalized" status, it will bring it the legitimacy it has been craving for 50 years.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Sheik of the United States has given the okay to "take out" the Somali pirates. Curiously, the military left one alive and is transporting him toward American shores for a trial. This case is coming to the US Court system because the jurisdiction is determined by UN order which has declared that any ship is considered part of the country from which it is come. FOr example, its an extension of the country's border. What could explain the motive to leave one alive?
First, the captive is under the age of 18. Therefore, he is considered a juvenile. As a juvenile, the court must decide whether he is to be tried as a child or adult. He will be given a lawyer at taxpayer expense. Whether he is tried as an adult or not, the media will continually remind the public of his "under age status" for certain. This will create sympathy for his situation and diminish the momentum of the public to punish harshly and appropriately.
More importantly, he intends to use this Somali to generate attention to WHY this pirate is participating in such action. This will lead to Sheik Obama's hidden agenda to start providing financial aid to the Somalis. The economy will be the blamed for the piracy action that has plagued the world in Somalia. Instead of military intervention, the appeaser will continue to burden the citizens of this country with aid to Somalia. Welcome to typical Left policy.........Rucking Fidiculous!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The "Green" movement has plenty of merit. Yet, I wish the free market would dictate the consumer market rather than the President and Congress forcing a "no choice in the matter" marketplace. As a consumer, I feel we should be allowed to make choices which we decide for ourselves, without government intervention. No matter what the intention, the choice to buy what we wish from a vast amount of products defines the term "free markets."
The government is taking control of what choices we can have, including the option of no choice. For example,we are being led to believe we MUST buy this new type of light bulbs because they are better for the environment. Regardless of the cost, the choice will be taken away from us to buy the old type of bulb. The intention for better conservation is good. But in practice, this policy is poor because the mercury in the bulbs is negating the positive attributes (the efficiency). Therefore, I personally find the choice foolhardy. Another example, the toilets we use will no longer use as much water when we flush them in order to conserve water. The new toilets must use 3.8 liters (by law). Another green idea gone bad. Many complaints have been voiced recently about the necessity to do multiple flushes in order to empty the contents of the new toilets. In the Green defense, in Israel, the toilets use much less water and are much more effective. They use a two handle toilet which uses a small handle for urine and a large handle for number 2. The user can use less water when less is needed. When a real "ferguson type flush" is necessary, you get the water power necessary to empty the "john" properly. But by law...? I believe the American consumer is smarter than the government. A toilet that saves water and works properly and decreases the water bill will pay for itself. Therefore, all landlords and home owners will make the best choice eventually. The government should have no part in the decision.
So, when someone abuses their power of choice and buys a gas guzzler car, they get a gas guzzler tax. And they pay more at the pump. But should the choice be taken away entirely. Sheik Obama made the "Green" movement his mantra. He criticizes car manufacturers and the energy industry at large. But, when the Sheik buys pizza from his home state and flies it into DC no media outlet says a word. For shame!
Green eggs, green ham, but no green pizza....

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This is a map of the immediate area surrounding the White House. Sheik Obama could have ordered pizza from the area pizza parlors. That's the Green Movement way. Each red tab indicates another LOCAL pizzeria.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Okay, so the Koreans decided that testing a missile is nothing more than a satellite deployment. Many people are trying to interpret what the heck is the real message. I believe the assumption that the launch is advertising for the arms sales to rogue states is more in tune. The North Koreans picked an opportune time with Sheik Obama in Europe for the G20. G20? It is well underway to becoming a traveling circus sideshow of the ineffective UN. But that's another post. The same message of unapproval without consequences by the EU towards Islamic terrorism is preached to the Koreans. The same message of no action taken and undermining US policy.
The Koreans were advertising not only its new missile to the rogue countries of the world but, the okay to buy them without the fear of US ramifications. It's okay to continue pursuing nuclear material development because no real ill will befall you. This is also a message from the EU that the US is not a leader. Sure they trip over themselves to take pictures with our Sheik, but the EU leadership obviously convinced Sheik Obama to admit guilt towards the world eonomic collapse. I saw the speech given by Sheik Obama and it had a happy message without one real idea said.
The attention given to the Koreans is "advertising during the superbowl." The world will become more dangerous while we preach about reducing our stockpile of weapons. I suggest we take heart with former President Reagan again. Pres. Reagan suggested building a "Star Wars" missile defense system or laser defense system to neutralize the threat. It doesn't increase our nuclear stockpile while addressing the ICBM threat. Also, it will show our military superiority to the rogue nations. It will not stop the "dirty bomb" threat but ideas for this are still being developed.
It is our position in the world to be a leader. It is not arrogance! The US can be a follower and admit to the EU being the leader. What other position would you expect them to take! It is their arrogance to have Sheik Obama consul that position. The ineffective position the EU has towards terrorism, economy, and foreign policy show me they have no leadership skills. Let's stop talking and take action. If our "friends" won't make commitments we want then we need to find backbone elsewhere.