Wednesday, April 15, 2009


All of a sudden the Black Caucas decided to visit Castro and declare him the "Little Messiah." That the past 50 years has been forgiven! Forgiven? Maybe I should ask, " he is now immortalized?" Are we to believe that he has shown the US has had a foolish policy towards Cuba which should immediately be abandoned? Hmm.... Instead, Castro's policies should be revered for their outstanding achievement?!? Cuba has a very high literacy rate. Cuba has implimented socialized medicine which the US needs to catch up with. Well.....that is a load of BULLSHIT!
Castro is a Communist/Socialist. This form of government was the enemy of the US for approx 75 years. While living through the Cold War in my younger years, the never ending threat of attack from the Communist Block was possible. The allegiance of the Russians was the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Today, the questionable status of the Russians as friend or foe should be revisited when reviewing any policy towards Cuba.
The Cuban regime was never tolerant towards any criticism. Any opposition to the government was met with death or jail. The political asylum given to all Cubans who make it to our shores is because of this Communist policy.
The seizure of all private property when the Cuban Revolution took place was instituted. In a government like Cuba's, private property is a freedom no longer enjoyed. All the property was confiscated with no compensation to land owners.
The emptying of all mental institutions and jails was implemented in 1980. When the people were sent sailing, they were left to themselves. If the ships sank or anyone got sick didn't matter. Left to their own devices, the former Cubans hoped to make it to the US. This is a questionable Human Rights violation. Plus, some of these people in jail had trumped up charges. All were given no choice. Leave or die.
Religious tolerance is low. In most Communist regimes, religion is banned. Forget Scientology Tom Cruise, Dianetics Mr Hubbard, Islam, Judaism, Etc.
AIDS victims are isolated from the rest of the population in order to quarantine the disease. While it will stop its spread, is it
fair to the victims who have no choice but to cooperate.
Finally, he took over the country in a coup. He used the guerilla military to violently take over. No voting took place. Many were murdered and many fled. By allowing this government "normalized" status, it will bring it the legitimacy it has been craving for 50 years.

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