Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Sheik of the United States has given the okay to "take out" the Somali pirates. Curiously, the military left one alive and is transporting him toward American shores for a trial. This case is coming to the US Court system because the jurisdiction is determined by UN order which has declared that any ship is considered part of the country from which it is come. FOr example, its an extension of the country's border. What could explain the motive to leave one alive?
First, the captive is under the age of 18. Therefore, he is considered a juvenile. As a juvenile, the court must decide whether he is to be tried as a child or adult. He will be given a lawyer at taxpayer expense. Whether he is tried as an adult or not, the media will continually remind the public of his "under age status" for certain. This will create sympathy for his situation and diminish the momentum of the public to punish harshly and appropriately.
More importantly, he intends to use this Somali to generate attention to WHY this pirate is participating in such action. This will lead to Sheik Obama's hidden agenda to start providing financial aid to the Somalis. The economy will be the blamed for the piracy action that has plagued the world in Somalia. Instead of military intervention, the appeaser will continue to burden the citizens of this country with aid to Somalia. Welcome to typical Left policy.........Rucking Fidiculous!

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