Monday, April 13, 2009


The "Green" movement has plenty of merit. Yet, I wish the free market would dictate the consumer market rather than the President and Congress forcing a "no choice in the matter" marketplace. As a consumer, I feel we should be allowed to make choices which we decide for ourselves, without government intervention. No matter what the intention, the choice to buy what we wish from a vast amount of products defines the term "free markets."
The government is taking control of what choices we can have, including the option of no choice. For example,we are being led to believe we MUST buy this new type of light bulbs because they are better for the environment. Regardless of the cost, the choice will be taken away from us to buy the old type of bulb. The intention for better conservation is good. But in practice, this policy is poor because the mercury in the bulbs is negating the positive attributes (the efficiency). Therefore, I personally find the choice foolhardy. Another example, the toilets we use will no longer use as much water when we flush them in order to conserve water. The new toilets must use 3.8 liters (by law). Another green idea gone bad. Many complaints have been voiced recently about the necessity to do multiple flushes in order to empty the contents of the new toilets. In the Green defense, in Israel, the toilets use much less water and are much more effective. They use a two handle toilet which uses a small handle for urine and a large handle for number 2. The user can use less water when less is needed. When a real "ferguson type flush" is necessary, you get the water power necessary to empty the "john" properly. But by law...? I believe the American consumer is smarter than the government. A toilet that saves water and works properly and decreases the water bill will pay for itself. Therefore, all landlords and home owners will make the best choice eventually. The government should have no part in the decision.
So, when someone abuses their power of choice and buys a gas guzzler car, they get a gas guzzler tax. And they pay more at the pump. But should the choice be taken away entirely. Sheik Obama made the "Green" movement his mantra. He criticizes car manufacturers and the energy industry at large. But, when the Sheik buys pizza from his home state and flies it into DC no media outlet says a word. For shame!
Green eggs, green ham, but no green pizza....

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This is a map of the immediate area surrounding the White House. Sheik Obama could have ordered pizza from the area pizza parlors. That's the Green Movement way. Each red tab indicates another LOCAL pizzeria.

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