Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holocaust Remembrance Day--April 23

While ignorance and hate still beats in the hearts of evil men like Ahmedinajad of Iran, and Daffy Qadaffi of Libya, Saddam Insane of Iraq, and others, the rest of the world mourns the loss of life. This is a Jewish "Scarlett Letter." All mass murder is condemned openly. The Jews do not claim to be the only people who suffered great loss. Everyone should stand together against such acts and the people capable of committing them. The Jews feel overwhelmed with grief over others due to the fact that the near total annihilation of all its people nearly took place. To all the survivors I know, you are to be cherished and admired. To all other people who have felt such terror, you are appreciated. To those lost, I grieve for you and your families.
To the people who condone such acts, who deny they took place, or who are sympathetic to this hate.....F@ck you!

While many may feel this is a sign that common sense still lives within the United Nations, I disagree. The fact that everyone did not walk out or boo him silent or condemn the speech afterwards tells me nothing has changed. The other leaders are disgraceful.

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