Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was watching the MSNBC channel this morning. They have on a guest expert every morning. The CEO/President of an investment group called Lefrak. While I believe these investors are top notch, the solution to the housing crisis was just poor. The Lefrak President was asked for his expert opinion on solving the housing surplus. His answer: immigrants. Allowing them to buy houses would gobble up the 2,000,000 oversupply of housing.
What is wrong with this? I don't have time to address everything wrong with this answer but.....I am shocked he would entertain such an answer. He did say they must qualify. Still, the fact remains buying a house with qualified immigrants opens the door for every other problem associated with immigrants increasing. This would cause so many other problems to explode in size, it is hard to believe he suggested it.
Maybe that solution would help cars, too. Should immigrants be given loans for cars and houses. What would qualifications be if different from a citizen? I am beginning to wonder what the difference is between being a citizen and every other status?
Desperation is starting to turn to stupidity. Let's keep calm. Other solutions are out there. Ideas for more appropriate solutions: incentives to all returning soldiers, more incentives for first time buyers, discounted loans for housing for disaster relief citizens. Instead of refurbishing old housing projects which would cost more money than they are worth, replace housing projects with moderate priced new housing. Then use the old projects for homeless shelters, for new jails, for new schools, or use for new government offices rather than building new.
Don't complicate the problem, please. Don't even provide the Left with irrational motivation for their causes. I have hope that American ingenuity will prevail with ideas for the existing housing issues. Or simply, the idea was thrown out there during the show because the Left have altered the MSNBC show because it was too Right? Whatever? This idea was rucking fidiculous!


SouthernHeart said...

Dear U.C.E.S.,
I`m sure you understand that these are all tactics the communists are using to destroy our nation and our way of life. Both parties and almost all influental groups have been overrun by a slow and steady creeping communism. As I have been telling American Confusious, the Fabian society in the late 1700s started to build a group to slowly ( their symbol being a turtle) infiltrate all aspects of society with their agenda. Over the past decades they have removed God (our foundation) from our schools, courts, media and society. They have dumbed down or school system teaching the childrens What to think instead of HOW to think. If you look at every aspect of America today you can see the influince of communism and the destruction of Americanism (patriotism, love of God, ect). Now all that was good is being dismissed as old fashioned or down right hateful. What better way to destroy America than to flood it with people that care nothing about our traditions and sacrfices.
People that take advantage of our system, pay little or no taxes, send the money they earn under the table back to their home countries so they will be wealthy there and then wave their home countries flag in our faces all the while DEMANDING rights that do not belong to them. Now we have a president not born here, not raised here, and surrounds himself with every radical America hater he can find, who insults the real Americans every time he opens his mouth and he is praised as the saviour of America. I could go on but you get the picture. As you have said in other posts We 9-12ers ( I`m the tall guy with the redheaded wife, we have met several times) must wake America up. We must expose these America haters for what they are, unfortunatly they control almost everything including the minds of the foolish public. Just look at how many people buy into the global climate change B.S., Of course we have climate change, it is NORMAL! Great to speak with you again.
God Bless

do not belong to them. Now we have a president not born here, not raised here, and surrounds himself with every radical America hater he can find said...

do not belong to them. Now we have a president not born here, not raised here, and surrounds himself with every radical America hater he can find,

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