Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The nerve of the Israeli people shooting a construction worker who happened to go a little postal. Haven't they learned anything from the United States? Obviously, when it comes to dealing with terrorism, the Israelis need to be shown how to treat these people. First, shooting them violates the SECOND AMENDMENT! Therefore, either strict gun control or ban gun ban should be in place. Second, this poor, poor, poor Arab was not a terrorist! NO! He was having a bad day and happened to take it out on several people of Jewish origin ONLY. Therefore, no terror or hate crime is present. Third, he should have been ONLY subdued. Then, after a short stay with a therapist to see why he is upset, he will be sent to a jail for where he can pray 5 times a day, wash his feet whenever necessary, be provided new Korans, and Halal food buffet style so "cruel and unusual punishment" can't be implemented by the Military Police. The usual ping pong tables, Basketball courts, weight lifting equipment with spa facility are naturally provided. Then, he can be provided lawyer representation at the cost of the Israeli taxpayer to be represented in court vigorously because its his right. If he loses in court, his "live" body can eventually be exchanged along with 1000 other "live" terrorists for the "dead" bodies of honorable Israeli soldiers. Then, he can sue the manufacturer of the bulldozer for "sudden acceleration" ala Audi motorcars. And of course, collect "unemployment" because of the loss of the job. H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T!

My real feelings: Pink Floyd "Meddle" said it best=1st song on the album="I'm going to cut you up into little pieces"

Where is the condemnation?! Shouldn't the Palestinian leader condemn this act? Why is everyone silent about pressing the matter? If Israel threatened an incursion into Arab land the press would be ballistic. If a Jew attacked an Arab, the Israeli leaders would be on TV in 20 minutes apologizing. And the people around the world would be rioting. As a Jew, I feel the Talmud has the answer: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Jerusalem Post

Barak Obama is in Israel right now. I wonder while he is visiting if another attack will take place with a bulldozer near him.

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