Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Basis of Thought....And Why Someday I Might Buy This Coffee..

Response to the Coffee Company with a preface about my personal views, in general.

As a proud Zionist, I have followed Meir Kahane and his group for over 20 years. I am anonymous to the organization. They request support regularly which they definitely deserve. I openly market their webpage and message to others. I have video taped their show and collected articles about them for years. I felt my position was expressed by my profile (on this blog page) but no information about how I came to it. Here is a picture of two books in my possession authored by Kahane and autographed. The group has been media blitzed as a lunatic fringe or maybe as an equivalent to Hamas or Hezbullah. These accusations are ridiculous! The two Muslim "freedom fighter" groups are unarguably terroristic organizations based on their tactics and ideology. The JTF have used discretion at every opportunity to push their cause without the murderous actions and torturous shenanigans that are commonplace elsewhere.

My life experience traveling to Israel, living in New York, and Florida, combined with speaking with Holocaust survivors and living amongst people from across the country and globe of all faiths allows me a unique insight. School, way back when, encouraged someone to look inside and out in order to make a proper and profound conclusion, not a prejudicial one.
When peace-loving, anarchist, liberal, elitist say they want everyone to love one another, I get frustrated because fantasy-land ideas have never prevailed. For example, people are jealous of their own neighbors from time to time! How could anyone expect all the world's people are to peacefully coexist?! It's a lofty goal, but virtually unattainable! The same people that spin this message of universal love usually state that the "hatred for others" is entrenched in traditional religious based books and beliefs and change is necessary in the religious institutions themselves if universal love is to be achieved. (Using past wars as examples here.) Bullshit!! Thou shalt not covet thy the bread-and-butter of the doctrines of the world's religions. Hindus and Buddhists treat all life as sacred. Jews preach the practice of mitzvah, to do something for another without expecting compensation of any sort. Christianity states "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Islam asks their believers to do the same...but only to other Muslims. All religions except Islam preach love and tolerance for others. All the great moral ideas that exist today are rooted in those same religions. While some have partially changed over the years, which is Testament (no pun intended) to the tolerant nature and inclusiveness they always taught, the overall ideas remain unchanged. Intolerance of other people is the consistent message of Islamic culture and leadership (both cleric and governmental). Where are the Muslim entrepreneurs looking for universal love. (silence) I am not a pessimist nor am I cynical. I choose to make my opinions based in reality, not hope. I hope companies like this coffee company prevail in proving me wrong and world peace is the final result. On the other hand, sticking my head in the ground is no way of looking to the future. Everyday, terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims all over the world kill and maim others. Families celebrate the malicious attacks, rejoicing with candy and much fanfare. Maybe condemnation by some groups associated with the same religion which perpetrated the attacks would provide some solace and give Leftists ammunition for there insane position. Working together on coffee is so far from making world peace, its not even a small step.
I noticed that the company was formed by Americans with Jewish and Christian backgrounds. Why did no Muslim organizations pitch the idea? Why have all philanthropist ventures hoping to improve life in impoverished areas of the world stemmed from Western countries? Islamic people usually benefit the most from these ventures whenever they are tried. Little is done to reciprocate this from wealthy Muslim countries. Do the Saudis try to help Hindu people in poverty? Do the Iranians help Israelis? Islamic countries do little to help their poor? They hold multiple seats in the UN yet waste valuable time condemning Israel for defending itself. Israel has given land to the Arabs multiple times in good faith with NO success in peaceful, final negotiations. Israel has helped the Jordanians in utilizing the Dead Sea for economic prosperity. The cold peace they share is little consolation in my view. Pakistan is the Hindu "land for peace" deal that only lead to war over Kashmir. The lust for world domination is insatiable for Muslims. This is apparent by their actions in the past AND present. No outcry for the victims of Islamic aggression by Islamic groups, only jeers.
I hope your coffee company is the beginning of a great capitalist venture that does bring world peace. As a matter of fact, I will do a commercial for the company if it ever begins to change any minds at their request. I want the entire world to be a John Lennon metaphor. But I have my doubts. While Hindus, Jews, Christians and others get the flack from living on the global front of the modern street-to-street third world war that is Islamic conquest rooted in Khilafah dreams, I hold out our cynical hand to your company: I am buying the coffee as soon as I see it in stores! GOOD LUCK!!

But..if you stick your head in the ground when events happen to justify our position, I am sticking my size 13 boot in your ass-sumption that everyone respects one another!

Ronald Reagan said, " Trust but verify." He held the communists to this and they complied. I hold the terrorists who say they want peace to the same standard.

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