Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd Annual International Jewish Bloggers Convention

I am excited to announce I have signed up to attend this incredible event today. The first convention took place last year which I had to miss because of timing constraints. The lineup looks terrific and the opportunity to mingle amongst fellow Jewish bloggers is too great to pass up a second time. If an award is given for the blogger who attends from the greatest distance, I will be in the running for first place! Defending Israel through social media is the session I am looking forward to the most. While I have been a longtime defender of Israel since this blog's inception, the opportunity to get information firsthand to further my effort is the most precious. The "Scottish Jew" is in constant contact with me, but his aloof nature leads me to believe he will not attend with me. I can't imagine what this convention will ingrain in my persona, but I hope it meets all my expectations. Would I miss this convention a second time knowing that the current affairs of world stage politics is so tumultuous? Don't be rucking fidiculous! (And if you see me there, say hello. Not doing it is ridiculous!)


Lahav said...


My article about the blogging conference is on pg. 6 here:

I quote you towards the end.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

Thank you for the publishing of my words. I appreciate it. I hope to see you and everyone else I met there.