Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magazine Advertisement Teeters With Possible Illicit Child Picture

Ebony Magazine page 49 has an advertisement for a product which has a picture of a topless woman and a baby. This picture assumes the woman is the mother.
The nude child is used only to equate the products use on an adult's skin to the skin texture of a newborn. Recently, a couple from Arizona was "turned in" for inappropriate vacation photos. Also, several years ago, Calvin Klein had questionable ads involving nude adults and Brooke Shields. Artistry is considered "pushing the envelope" when group nude photos are taken (all adults but...). Maplethorp was an artist who had nudes, urinating, and more vile(?) photos which were on display in museums. The need for guidelines is now. The message about truly bad behavior is greyed when examples like the above are allowed.

Posted by ShoZu


Glenn B said...

Just call me a screaming leftist liberal but I used to think the Coppertone ad with the doggy pulling down the girls bottom was rather amusing. From what I see of the photo currently at issue, I don't see nudity in it - unless of course you edited it out. I see arms and a leg and partial body that is covered by another body. I don't see heiny, I don't see breast, I don't even see cleavage.

I am none to sure that if I did see a toddlers behind that I would necessarily think it inappropriate. Banning flesh, at least to me is not the way. Banning kiddie porn, or even suggestive kiddie pictures (suggestive to the normal person within reason)is another thing. I say do just that, then arrest the pervs who produced, displayed and or enjoyed it. As for child molesters - and other sexual predators, hang em high after a good few whippings and a bit of electro-shock therapy while in a tub of ice cubes.

All the best,
Glenn B

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

Well Glen,

Your idea of punishing the child molesters is too liberal. I would execute them, period. I am disgusted with these sympathetic judges and their "slap on the wrist" justice. In the town of Riviera Beach in Florida, a group of teenage thugs attacker a mother and son. They forced the son to have relations with the mother. It was a horrible story and that sick in the gut feeling your getting now can't be cured with any time spent in jail.
In the article, I can't say the picture is inappropriate but it does beg the question "does it tempt?" the offender. Yes, it is an exaggerated point. Their behavior and thinking are on the fringe to see things normally innocent and conjure up criminal thoughts. I am reminded of NBC when they went after predators on "To Catch A Predator." I am merely calling attention to something people don't spend time pondering.

Anonymous said...

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