Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have been an avid reader of frontpage magazine. It is one of the top sites on the entire Internet because 1) their team of writers are top notch and contribute TRUE journalism noticeably absent in today's traditional media, 2) they promote action against the radicals and provide momentum to counter the most virulent of institutional indoctrination tactics, 3) their perseverance in the face of denouncement by the hecklers at each event, 4) and their continued efforts with the budget constraints they must endure while accomplishing incredible work. If you don't read their site daily, you have committed a sin. Indulging in articles should allow the reader to be informed to the point that they will be able to defend themselves against any counter argument.

I have had them listed on my blogroll for sometime. For those of you who have been involved in organizations in concordance
with this agenda of Horowitz's, consider the possibility that they may be more approachable then it appears. Approachable in the sense that the efforts each group does can only be supplemented by one another. A conscience effort in each state must be taken in order to effectively break the established Left and get this country back on track.

My accolades to the student wing of frontpage magazine called the students for academic freedom. Your work taking on the campus hate is the frontline of the war for the future.

I will continue to write this blog indefinitely because I love this country and all it stands for. The borderline insane Left, conspiracy theorists, racists, moles, and other cancerous individuals are difficult to weed out of the organized movement. I am deeply involved covertly. I am surrounded by some wonderful people who are knee deep in the same or similar issues. As current activists, we are available to you. Personally, I hope to meet Horowitz soon. I missed an opportunity recently but will follow up. His book on the most dangerous profesors was a must read. I went to the University of South Florida. Sami Al-Arian was a major asshole. I saved all the newspapers from the college then. He was in the Middle Eastern studies department. The Jewish professor at the time I won't mention but he was a spineless jellyfish. With no backbone, the Islamic Studies department had freedom to do what it wishes. He could have been a beacon for answering the festering problem of hate at that campus. Let's hope the future is in less jeopardy .

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