Monday, May 4, 2009

Conservative Organizing But How Much Action..Part III


The next Supreme Court appointee is going down in the near term and no one is willing to say who is being considered. The "hush, hush" would leave one to suspect the individual will be of the utmost in their controversial views. The Sheik Obama Administration will pick a person who is considerably young and radical. The person will be acclaimed in fairness across the board by the Democrats. The praise will further be touted by the Left Wing media. I expect a 20/20 interview, followed by a CNN special, and a MSNBC(MS-LSD) segment. The countermeasure to this must be voiced within 24 hrs of the announcement. The time frame for voicing any opposition will be short. Letting this appointment pass by without a constant barrage of unprovable by FOX News and the Blogosphere will only allow the Left to keep the appointment. It will also embolden them to continue to make these type of decisions with little reciprocity.
Possible consideration for this position would be anyone's guess. I would venture to believe it will be someone from the ACLU. Further, the person will probably come from a liberal state such as California or New York. Sheik Obama has already made comments speculating the type of empathetic judgements the person would make. Several politicians have alluded to an individual that would represent the Black community. The reasons are primarily based solely on race. Sheik Obama wants this appointment to make decisions sympathetic and typical and reflecting the Black community. The Supreme Court must be representative of the populace at large. What a load of crap!!
The Supreme Court is not a position that is supposed to reflect the populace. It simply is to uphold and interpret the Constitution. The Left may feel if a Black appointee is made, provided another position should become available, another Liberal will be made even more radical. A Judge who will pass the Gay Marriage Bill and one who will support the Reparations for Slavery initiative shall be done. One who is for gun control or willing to completely condemn the 2nd Amendment. If any Judge appointee reflects society in their light, the Court eventually should be made up of a Gay individual, a Liberal Black, a White, an Asian, and so on. In this case, only the most radical of Right advocates should be considered in future Republican appointments. A member of the NRA, for instance. A person 100% against abortion. (Even I believe abortion may be necessary in some very rare instances!)
Let the Left draw the line in the sand! When Bush had the opportunity to make an appointment he considered the other side's feelings. Sheik Obama always says he will take the Republican views in consideration when making the decision and listen to every idea. Only to be followed by the most radical decision he can possibly make, really never taking anyone else's feelings seriously.
Let the Republican Bloggers be prepared for a letter campaign and a protest movement larger than the Tea Party in order to build our presence. Silence from the Right is the Left's best weapon!

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