Monday, May 4, 2009

Conservative Organizing But How Much Action..Part II

I was involved with a local election recently where "dirty pool" was alive and well. Poster boards along the roadside, which help with name recognition in the voting booths, were being torn down systematically. The last 2 Presidential elections were plagued with a plethora of questionable practices and unlawful acts. ACORN is evil in every act it conducts, right down to intimidation of voters. The Supervisor of elections rigging the results, felons ineligible to vote, illegals voting, college students voting multiple times, and on and on...Most of the acts were committed by the Democratic sympathizers and can be expected as ritualistic practice from here on. Therefore, a countermeasure must be taken.
Everyone who is Republican and everyone associated with any other party must volunteer to monitor the polls. As a volunteer, the ballot boxes can be watched and the coercion by the Left volunteers can be reprimanded immediately and appropriately. When all volunteer positions are filled, a watchdog group should be created armed with video cameras to ensure that if all positions are filled early by Left supporters, the watchdog group will still be capable of catching offenders.
The Right Conservatives should have a review board of to prepare a list of past issues related to election problems to address. Military personal should be encouraged to participate since their votes are always compromised. Circumvention of their voting rights is overtly heinous since they put their "ass on the line" for the voters.

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