Monday, May 4, 2009

Conservative Organizing But How Much Action..

I went to a meeting of the local 912 aka "The Glen Beck Thing" where I had the dstinguished honor to meet a stand up individual named Allen West. Allen West is African American or Black (for the old school). He is a retired military man who commands attention and carries himself with the kind of pride a Veteran is deserving of. He is running for US Congress and can be reached at his site His thought is deeply rooted in traditional Conservative values while steering clear of the Right Wing or Left Wing traps other politicians platform.
I spoke with him at length after he addressed the crowd. His speech was profound yet easily understood. The receptive crowd anxiously awaited the Q & A session but was short due to time constraints. Sitting in the crowd, I started to ponder ideas about what all of these notable groups spurred on by FOX News and Right Wing radio have actually done besides "spread the word." People have definitely been motivated to organize and promote the message of the American Ideal. The American Spirit is roaring back and I thank G-D it is.
The first step has been taken to organize and start to answer the garbage the Left Wing Media perpetuates. The cheerleading of the Left politicians is a daily tripe. The Left has addressed one issue at a time and takes the issue all the way to the end as quickly and expeditiously as possible. For instance, Sheik Obama insisted the Stimulus Bill be passed in about 20 hours. He didn't release anything until the last minute but spoke of its urgency relentlessly. Then, putting the pressure on the Right that if it didn't pass immediately, any consequences from the delay of its passage would clearly lay the odus on the Right. And, it passed!
That type of determination and its implementation made it possible. Now, learning from this becomes the key to the Right gaining ground. The work of getting the word out should be done by some while simultaneously others should be implementing the measure. For example, let's take gun control. My friend Texas Fred is a gun advocate who has a website that is extremely rich in content on all Conservative values. His 2nd Amendment feelings are bordering a religious pilgrimage. He is a person I personally look up to and find him to be something of a role model. The gun rights supporters are doing a great job explaining why the Amendment needs to be upheld. What could be the step to take this to the next level? What could be a obstacle both in red tape and in its sheer size? The organized groups of 912, Act for America, Tea Party, Grassroots, I Stand With Israel, and all the others (sorry for not listing everyone) should have conferences together to increase the roster of each group. But, for 2nd Amendment groups, having the NRA provide information at each local meeting and helping people register to get a gun license should be the obstacle I am talking about. By licensing people en mass would create a powerful voice. Local gun shops could distribute literature about the meetings. Therefore, new potential members would hear the Conservative message.
This is only the first step. See Part II

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