Tuesday, January 19, 2010



The Democrats said time and time again that "elections have consequences." Well, they're right! The seat held by the alcoholic Democrat Ted Kennedy shows that the drunken stupor of the Liberal constituency in the most liberal of states has sobered up. The poor image of former President Bush still allowed Republicans to have an incumbent president for 2 terms. Yet, Bush's poor image killed the Republicans chances to elect McCain in 2008. The Democratic Revolution appears dead after less than one year because the seat in Mass has not been held by a Republican since the 1970's. The movie Ghost comes to mind where Patrick Swayze cannot accept he is dead.
This unprecedented victory will mark the Republican take over of Congress and the failure of the Dems to understand the public. More importantly, it marks the public disgust for a Congress that arrogantly said we will vote for bills whether you want it or not.
Republicans should keep their values and integrity intact and listen to the public outcry for a no tolerance policy for politics as usual. Tea Party advocates will watchdog the Republican candidates to keep the bull to a minimum.
Let's pull the life support plug from the HEalth Care Reform Bill and vote out every single dirty Democrat!

Yea Tea PArty Leaders!

Our Forefathers: "No Taxation Without Representation." Today's Americans: No (Congressional) Legislation Without (Real) Representation."

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