Monday, December 28, 2009

Napolitano And Sheik Obama Get Tough With Terror?!

The Sheik Obama Administration has had it's image ruffled with the second terror attack in recent weeks. The first case was at Fort Hood where a Muslim double agent was posing as a patriotic soldier but was really gathering intelligence for Al Queda. The soldier was a sleeper cell under the auspices of an Islamic Cleric in Yemen. The second case involves a Nigerian Muslim who had ties to the Yemenite radical movement also. He attempted to bomb a plane headed for Detroit from Amsterdam but failed to be properly detonate his device. What these two cases have done to Sheik Obama's first governing year is shatter the confidence and positive outlook the brilliantly executed speeches have built. What measures must be mandated to retain the open minded outreach to World Islamic leaders while providing security for travelers on planes?
A deeper look into the pants of the Nigerian reveals a sewn in explosive. The device was carefully hidden until he went to the restroom where he removed it. To ensure the most devastation, he waited til he returned to his seat before setting it off because he deliberately seated himself over the fuel. He disguised his evil doing by wrapping himself in a blanket. The plot was foiled thanks to a daring Amsterdam citizen who immediately responded to the emergency. He proceeded to subdue the terrorist, put the flames out that started, and made others aware of the situation. While I fail to find just cause for Sheik Obama's Nobel Prize, I find this foreign traveler worthy of a Presidential visit and some recognition of his deed (like the key to the city he visited). The Nigerian Muslim is now in custody awaiting trial. While being recognized as a terrorist, his case will be taking place in Civil Court.
I thought a "war" on terror meant the crime belongs in Military Court, but what do I know. What must Sheik Obama impose on the flying public to deter and prevent further safety concerns?
When the shoe bomber attempted to take down a plane over New York, President Bush consulted several sources before announcing the policy of every passenger removing their shoes for scanning. Apparently, the same cannot be done here because removing every one's underwear for scanning could make for serious concern: underwear streaking, a few questionable stains, and who knows what else!
The answer may be easier than first believed. Woody Allen has the answer?! Yep! Woody made a movie back in the day when he was funny. The movie was called Bananas. In the movie, a group of rebels takes over a country and Woody helps them believing it is for the greater good. When the leader of the rebels takes control, he becomes mad with power and creates new laws which are ridiculous (not rucking!) Here is the clip:

In the scene, he demands everyone change their underwear every half hour. In order to check, underwear must be worn on the outside! Ahhh! Now this still may be offensive to Muslims, better go back to the drawing board.
Sheik Obama has issued a statement where he lets the terrorists know we will not rest if they continue. Will not rest? What the HELL does that mean? We won't get any sleep?! Wow! Your speech writers didn't exactly give you Shakespeare. Afraid of insulting fellow Muslims, he and his team have refrained from any real detail about what will be done. Napolitano has stated it is safe to fly and everyone should have the utmost confidence in our security already in place.

Well, let us see what was missed here to understand why this sneaky individual slipped through our security.
First, his own father warned authorities of the son's radical position and feared he could commit a horrible act. Second, the Nigerian terrorist was on a watch list. He had been labeled a possible loose cannon and should have been more thoroughly searched and questioned. Third, He is a Muslim. No one of any other faith, radical or not, has ever committed such an atrocious act.
What are the consequences of this whole act? The overall hue to the act of terrorism is softened by trying the case in Civil Court. The opportunity to "understand him" and sympathize with his reasoning for wanting to do this crime can be understood. He can be sent for artistic rehabilitation as ample punishment, as in Saudi Arabia. The risk of bringing more radicals to the US to help him get released is dramatically higher! Oh, but it will create jobs, just like in Illinois at the Thomson Correctional Center. So, maybe we should fund terrorism with tax dollars because it creates jobs. It will create more jobs than Obama created or saved and at a much cheaper price! It has generated concern for the airline industry to it's employees and it's customers. It has allowed the public to accept a terror attack or attempt may occur from time to time and not to get too alarmed. It has shown that education or lack there of has no reflection on an individuals radicalization. It shows that a persons financial status, impoverished or wealthy, has no bearing on the individuals radicalization. It shows the lack of security measures we already imposed which are constantly being tested by all accounts of NSA members I personally know. It shows a person from any country may attempt to make an attack. It shows a person's involvement doesn't need to stem from a country with a dispute like Israel or India. It shows the open and inviting hand of Sheik Obama hasn't softened the position of radicals towards the US. It shows negotiation is not the path to deterrence of such acts. Where were the airline Marshals on board for protection? El Al has 2 on every flight. Do we need to rely on passengers to stop terrorists on planes?

This administration has a poor understanding of the enemy. The first year of this President has seen 2 terror attacks on our soil with the knowledge that it has been done before and will continue to be at risk for another. This inappropriate response to recognize and address who our enemy is will lead to further attacks at the expense of more American lives. We read the Miranda Rights to the enemy and they cut our throats. We send terrorists to court while they kill us. How do you think the enemy reads all this? Rucking Fidiculous!!

This is a true hero!! A rumor was found on the internet stating the terrorist plans to file assault charges against the hero(s) that thwarted his attack. Can the dumbing down of the serious nature of this war crime into a civil crime be further diluted to now include personal injury litigation? I sincerely hope not.

The Muslim World believes that the United States is a Christian country. Here is an example of a Muslim who tries to kill Christians on Christmas in a Christian country! Israel is obviously viewed as a Jewish state by the Muslim World, legitimate or not by their judgement. I remember back in 2004, Israel was attacked by terrorists in what is now referred as the Passover Bombings. This is an example of the disdain felt about Jewish holidays. During the Bush Presidency, the Muslim Clerics in Iraq and Afghanistan made their position very clear that any attempt to attack a Muslim country would be the utmost insult to Islam. This statement was sent with the underpinnings of a threat of riots, deliberately. We did not attack until the holiday was over, incidentally. Is it offensive if a Christian attempts a terror attack on Muslims during Ramadan? What message are we sending to our enemies if we honor their religion while they forsake ours?

Breaking news!! Another Mideast person was taken off the plane in hand cuffs. Bomb sniffing dogs detected something in his bag. Just stated by a passenger from the plane on Fox News 12/28/09!!

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