Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Secret Message Hidden Within The Movie Saw VI

I had a date this past weekend with a girlfriend. When we decided to see the new movie Saw VI, we anticipated it was going to be similar in concept to the past movies. The Saw franchise has produced a series that is reminiscent to the Friday the 13th run and the Nightmare on Elm Street run. The difference between the prior Saw flicks wasn't much until I paid particular attention to this latest rendition.
I noticed the Saw VI movie coincidentally came out when the Health Care Reform Bill is at its most heated controversy. The Saw movies have always put the characters into perplexing situations which gives "the edge" that draws the cult viewership. The main character here works for an insurance company, a health insurance company. The message is repeated frequently that the company decides who dies because the policies sold to patients is never honored. The insurance company is defined as greedy, trying to find loopholes in critically ill people's policies in order to deny coverage, and constantly investigating patients for preconditions in order to deny coverage. The moviegoer is given the feeling that the CEO of the insurance company is the evil person and is finally getting his just dessert.
That is not the only hidden message in the movie! Nope, it is the one I feel must be addressed first. The other hidden message is the one of forgiveness. Is forgiveness a politically correct message? No, it is not. But the deliberate portrayal of torture and death distributed to the guilty in the movie can be seen as a subliminal message against capital punishment. The victim is put through difficult decisions when he or she is given the opportunity to punish someone that has very grievously wronged them. They feel the rush of retribution because they can enact revenge upon the perpetrator. Yet, the degree of torture the perpetrator is subjected to creates guilt in the executioner and a new feeling of wanting to forgive the person is felt. The hidden message? When a horrible crime is committed, the need for leniency should be considered. This is against capital punishment for the most indescribable crimes.
I encourage everyone to miss this movie. The movie hides the message to the untrained eye and subliminally trains the viewer. The message shouted out to me which caused me to fade out of the movie instead of being drawn in. The next Saw movie I plan to miss. My girlfriend likes the "tug at your heart" feel good movies and I intend to watch one with her. Maybe if saw VII is about evil government officials who decide who gets medical treatment or not, I will catch it. But I doubt it!


Anonymous said...

Hollyweird has been doing this type of thing for a long, long time. Social engineering for the new world order.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

The messages they hide in films for years has been deliberately aimed at youths. This leaves the most easily portion of the population duped without being aware. Let's see is the Fairness Doctrine incorporates that!

Anonymous said...

Just because the health care company in "SAW VI" was portrayed as evil doesn't mean there was a pro-liberal message to the film. Jigsaw never said anything about the government stepping in.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

As a big horror fan, I have never seen a film address this subject matter. Out of every single possible person to be in a film, the fact that this person was used is in my opinion blatant. Coincidence? No way! Why didn't the film use a lawyer who makes frivolous claims against others, ruining their lives. Billboards and commercials with obnoxious website names only solidify the dirty image lawyers have. Of course, not all of them are crooked or shysters. But the choice of insurance CEO, Rucking Fidiculous.

Conservababe said...

I hope I'm not the only one left appalled that this is considered "entertainment' in the 1st place. No wonder God seems nowhere to be found these days.

trey cruz said...

Kudos for an insightful and intelligent evaluation of this movie.
Perhaps there is hope for you after all.