Sunday, August 10, 2008

Israeli Election Poster

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This post is leading to several posts in a row about a prior election in Israel. With Ehud Olmert stepping down next month, early elections are underway. If corruption isn't a problem, or promiscuity, or a weak compromising candidate, then Israel wouldn't have any candidates at all. Ehud Barak and BIbi Netanyahu (in this Poster) are the forerunners in the coming election. How the Iranian policy is going to be dealt with may ride on this election. And how are the US election and the Israeli election going to intertwine. The Left are going to team up in both countries in order to control Middle East policy for the next several years. This poster is Netanyahu's with bumper stickers and a flag flown on a plastic pole for the window. I have a 10 ft canvas of the same picture too big to post.

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