Monday, August 11, 2008

Tyson Foods is Dog Meat! (Metaphorically Speaking)

Tyson foods decided that the labor struggle and legacy of the 20th century of this country is not worth honoring anymore. Labor laws have been established through relentless struggle over the last century. Minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay for women, and equal pay for minorities are examples of triumphs achieved and now honored (not really celebrated) by the Labor Day holiday. Instead, the holiday Eid al-Fitr was more important to Tyson Foods and the risk of having these two coincide would be a political correctness fiasco. The Retail, Wholesale, And Department Store Union was responsible for causing the mayhem on the behalf of the Muslim workers at Tyson foods. It has been estimated that nearly half of the workers at Tyson Foods are Muslim (approximately 1100 workers). On the Union's website, the organization proudly declares when negotiating contracts, the" rich cultural diversity" of its members is always a high priority. One would think an organization founded on the purpose of creating a desirable working condition and ethic in the workplace would be putting the highest esteem on honoring a holiday like Labor Day. To the chagrin of Tyson Foods, the backlash surmounted by groups like Act for America and World Net Daily news created a necessary retraction. While every worker should be able to work in a respectful and safe environment, is the employer mandated to conform to every employee's background. Tyson Foods and the union concluded negotiations with a new contract that gives the workers:

1) A paid holiday now recognized for Muslim workers. A holiday that falls on a different holiday every year but happened to fall on Labor Day this year and left itself open to "political correctness" terrorist attack.
2) Now a special area has been prepared for Muslim prayers meeting the need for their religious rituals. I hope Tyson Foods doesn't attempt to apply for tax exemption status 501(C)(3), which recognizes a religious institution tax exempt.
3) Any worker who does not celebrate Eid al-Fitr (the end of Ramadan), gets the option of selecting any day as a paid personal day. I beseech all of you to go to the following links immediately!! And tell them you read it here!
Act for america article
Tyson Replaces Labor Day with Muslim Holiday World Net Daily

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