Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hello Readers,
I have been working intensely the last 3 weeks in anticipation of this trip. I am in Israel right now for a vacation. My location is ...undisclosed, thank you! I am writing in my hotel where the internet leaves me a little wanting for the nearest Panera restaurant. If anyone is interested in my last visit, I was here about 6 months ago when I learned about the mass amount of French Jews who made Aliyah due to the intolerable conditions the Arabs have imposed in France. Checkout the posts with pictures in my old posts. I am keeping this particular post personal and simple..a stray from my regular post. I noted that the hotel has a number of newspapers available to read for the guests and thankfully, some are in English. My Hebrew is terrible!
I glanced through the articles in order to get a feeling with what's doing here daily. I read in the Ha'Aretz newspaper that negotiations are taking place for the release of the captive Israeli Gilad Shalit. This soldier was captured quite a while ago by terrorists. Apparently, the Left Wing activists feel no need to call for his release. In the extreme Left paper Ha'Aretz, everyday they portray the "devil's advocate" and publish articles about how the negotiations could help Palestinians. The hope is for the release of prisoners who have participated in murder and terror activity for the release of Shalit. What purpose does the continued plight of the prisoners who have commited murder serve when the Jewish paper makes them out to be victims. What a topsy-turvy portrayal! I took a picture of the article to show that on the same page is another attack by terrorists. This time they have killed two policemen! The irony and insult of putting both articles in such close proximity suggests to me that this paper is extremely misguided. The victims of the murderers is lost over time while the prisoners who did the murder now have their hopes raised of a possible release. And why? Because another crime of kidnapping was committed. The rights of the prisoners has been looked after by the Red Cross. The Red Cross has become something of a political puppet in its attempt to do righteous and merciful acts. While Christianity believes forgiveness, Judaism is more renown for "an eye for an eye." The prisoners were well taken care of by Israel. If they weren't, the media would catch wind of it through the Red Cross. Why aren't they transfixed on how the Israeli prisoners is?
I fear for the Israeli family of the Shalit and truly hope they have their loved one home soon and in good shape. However, the release of murderers should be reviewed before following through. The Left have infiltrated their thoughts on the Israeli population by buying the newspapers and changing perspective in what is published. Brainwashing works when it goes relatively undetected. I truly long for the days of Yitzhak Shamir! And, of course, Rabbi Kahane!


Anonymous said...

good to have you back again doing research and journalism........you are truly gifted. Don't ever give up this passion......you are the eyes and ears of a righteous people. Glory to God!!!! He has not forgotten His chosen people.....watch and wait upon HIM.
B safe my friend, know you are covered in prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got yourself into a little "Monkey Masturbation" *wink wink*. Keep up the good work, love hearing your reports. Don't let the liberal "mitzhes" eat all your pudding!