Friday, November 20, 2009

Glen Beck Book Signing And Running For Pope

This gentleman was an early bird for the book signing at Books-A-Million in Jupiter, Florida. His sign was eagerly signed by the fans. The signatures are for Glen Beck to run for Pope. I prefer him running for President.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Religion of Peace Commits Terror Attack On American Soil....Again!

A soldier serving at Fort Hood in Texas has decided he can't take the sight of American aggressors on Islamic states that harbor terrorists anymore. No, the country that gave him free education with a six figure income which he could have used to fund his friends in Iraq and Pakistan. This soldier has a psychiatric background, making him ideal to deal with others with mental anguish. Apparently, he had been given poor conduct reports and for good reason. Why? Obviously, he could not deal with his own internal demons himself. He was an outspoken individual about his religion and proud of it since he displayed the word "Allah" on his home residence front door. A peaceful, religious, fair minded, care individual who embraces the good principles of his religion he was not. He embraced the loathing for other religions and the intolerance his religious fanatics are known the world over for. He murdered (in cold blood) his fellow Americans and fellow soldiers. He should be dealt no mercy. His cousin was interviewed on FOX saying how the murderer was such a good American. This person is an adult, not a 5 year old.

The incident was dealt with in typical fashion by the current administration. Sheik Obama was about to begin giving a speech about a conference that had taken place with the Dept of Interior's help when the incidental shooting took. Take a look:

He proceeds with his speech as planned and thanks staff including a shoutout of congratuations just prior to addressing this horrible massacre. His finesse with words allows him sound proper yet his mannerisms are beginning to appear cold and diluted in its meaningfulness delivery.

This person is rumored to have 2 brothers, one in the US and 1 in Jerusalem. The US government and Israeli government should investigate both individuals immediately! During WW II and the Cold War, the US had any immigrant denounce communism before entering. A similar measure should be taken for immigrants today.

Can anyone not be horrified by the Sheik Obama's initial reaction? What if Bush had a speech after 911 and made call outs to people in the crowd first before addressing the terror attack? Bush had a right to be in shock because the whole nation was in shock! That's why he didn't know how to react at first. This shmuck kept his composure and even conducted business as usual reading his speech. Rucking Fidiculous!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Care Bill: What will happen? Well, Your Doc Will......

Posted by ShoZu

Let's look at the medical profession on the simplest level. Doctor's businesses have an overhead that must be met in order to stay open. All businesses must collect money to meet the cost of doing business. When any business brings in less money than their overhead, they go out of business. The Obamacare platform is based on cuts to reimbursement fees and removing waste and fraud. Does the President believe no measures are in place that already do this? Of course!! Medicare has regular audits and reviews, inspections of offices, and so much regulation already, the repeating of such measures in this new bill is waste itself! Look up RAC's in google. Look up cases already caught committing fraud. Who is catching these violators? Thank you Sheik Obama but position is already filled!

What about wasteful spending? Well, if TORT reform were addressed, the cost of doing business for the medical profession would go down. Malpractice would be legitimized itself. Why aren't we going after fraud in the LEGAL world? There is a problem that is severely detrimental to all aspects of society. While some lawyers perform their jobs with integrity, the illegitimacy is so wide spread here that it commands a never ending joke! This problem is so wide spread that it has changed the grounds for what people think they can sue for. A lawyer advertised!! Another billboard said "DUI. You are never over the limit! Call our offices." A potential patient called a doctor's office (friend of mine) several years ago. He was from out of town and had insurance which was only valid in his state and out of state ER. He said he has an infection, was a diabetic, and will be in town for another week. He states he has money to pay out of pocket but hates going to an ER and would prefer it if he could see him. He replied, "If you go to the ER, your necessary tests would be performed (Blood work, X-rays, given meds, etc) under insurance. Then, all your follow up treatment could be done at my office to minimize costs to you. This is your best line of treatment and your cheapest. I will be glad to see you at that point." The caller replied," Are you refusing to see me? Because if you are, I can sue, Y'know?." Needless to say, he wished him good luck and stood his ground.

TORT reform would also allow doctor's to order less tests? Well, this is not entirely true. If doctor's order tests en mass, why has this become habitual practice? Simple. Because lawyers sued doctor's for malpractice stating they didn't order enough to make a proper diagnosis. So, ordering tests gets proper treatment but we shouldn't be ordering them. Lawyers argue that things weren't done in their entirety to achieve the best care for a patient and the new bill wants to tell every citizen testing will be performed at a minmum because it is too often and costly. Wow! Either the standard of care is ordering enough tests to establish a correct diagnosis or a limited amount of tests to curtail costs. It can't be both!

Next, cutting business costs. Cutting business costs by implementing electronic medical records would decrease repeat tests and rid office space of paper clutter. It will prevent medication mistakes. Will streamline daily operation. All great points. The cost is tremendous. Legislation should not order electronic medical record usage. Let the market bring the cost down like it does with everything else. Once the costs are feasible, usage will increase accordingly.

Finally, covering the uncovered. People buy auto insurance because the law requires it. Some people pay more than others, depending on their record. Why is this different than health insurance? Car insurance is not more important than heath insurance! Why are no laws requiring every citizen to have it? If everyone had health insurance, the overall pool would be much larger, driving costs down for everyone and making people with preconditions or with newly diagnosed problems covered only slightly higher than healthy ones. That is the philosophy Sheik Obama is modeling to fund his own plan. So, the idea of covering everyone is great. Still, the government doesn't own the car insurance industry. It shouldn't own the health insurance industry either. Just make legislation mandating having it.

Doctor's treat patients all day long in addition to running the business itself. This includes bookkeeping, billing, filling out forms for insurance companies, running through policy changes every year, and much more. So, a doctor essentially has 2 jobs, being a doctor and a businessman. This is different from a worker who works 9-5 M-F and when they leave work, they go home. When taxes rise, expenses like energy and phone increase, and reimbursements from insurance companies decrease. In other words, nothing is static. The businesses are doomed to dissolve in this situation.

The government intends to eventually take over the industry of health insurance. The monies distributed to the medical professionals will be decreased absolutely. With costs going up, with the majority of doctors being over the age of 50 today, and the liability associated with practice without any discussion of TORT reform going on, the future of the industry is grim. Predictions for distributing care will be dramatically altered because doctors will retire, less are graduating now, and the ones still practicing will be overwhelmed with patients. The only solution will be to import doctors from other countries which is bound to happen.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Palm Beach County Tax Shell Game On Residents-Why Have Your Property Taxes Changed

Posted by ShoZu

The residents of Palm Beach County are regularly getting screwed by the politicians voted in solely on the basis of political party affiliation. The county has been a strict Liberal Democrat voting block. Also, it has been THE most corrupt county, being investigated multiple times by the Attorney General. It has the distinction of being the county for the most often arrested and convicted politicians. The Commission has raised taxes on absolutely everything, including parks, ramps for boats, and anything else. They listen to the residents who plead with them to limit taxes or abolish taxes. Instead, they never concede and pass new taxes every time! How arrogant is the Commission? Well, just ask the local Tea Party leader Everitt Wilkenson.


This year property taxes are going to go up, way up! While people are losing their jobs or getting cuts in the jobs they maintain, loss of benefits, and increases in taxes such as electric and water, the county voted to raise the Tangible Personal Property Taxes. ( It's also Volusia County, Broward County, and more) Here's how it works: Assessed values are being reduced because property values are going down. In order to make up for the possible loss of revenues, the county Commission and the city Commssion are increasing the tax rates! This is also known as the Millage rate. This is the rate per thousand of value. Although the assessed value may go down, a higher tax rate will now be applied to a lower assessment. The net value will be that the taxes will either stay the same or go up. Devious? Dubious? In the words of Gretchen Wilson, " Hell, Yeah!" The residents will not feel the difference or notice it because the amount is nearly identical. When the economy gets better and the assessed values go up again, the taxes will dramatically rise. At that point, the Commission will contend with the matter. Odds are people will find the cost more acceptable because it won't happen until things get better generally. In short, it is a shell game. And no one is better than the current Commissioner!

When will residents be able to read the actual numbers in dollars and cents? When they receive their trim notice. What is a trim notice? Well, one's trim notice is sent to their home in September or early November. This is a statement of the estimated statement. On the statement, a comparison of last year's taxes and this year's taxes will be there. On the statement, you will have this years value and last year's value, a summary or an itemized list of expenses. Therefore, if your assessed value went down and your taxes went up, at what rate does it increase. Well, divide your taxes by your assessed value for last year and do it for this year. This rate is now higher. For example, if a marina's assessed value goes down a few million dollars, the county will not take a hit. Therefore, a higher tax rate per thousand will make up the difference. One area could be $0.02/thousand and will now be $0.026/thousand. That will be enough to make up the difference.

Posted by ShoZu


Your COUNTY and CITY COMMISSIONs are responsible!! They voted FOR this. If you are in a neighborhood with an HOA, you will be raised on association fees, too. Why? The property taxes on common areas your association is responsible for will be affected. Commercial and residential are affected equally. So, if you are a business owner, prepare to be taxed higher. Is this illegal? No. Your Commissioners are voted in by YOU! Your expectation is that the individual voted in will do the right thing.