Friday, November 6, 2009

Religion of Peace Commits Terror Attack On American Soil....Again!

A soldier serving at Fort Hood in Texas has decided he can't take the sight of American aggressors on Islamic states that harbor terrorists anymore. No, the country that gave him free education with a six figure income which he could have used to fund his friends in Iraq and Pakistan. This soldier has a psychiatric background, making him ideal to deal with others with mental anguish. Apparently, he had been given poor conduct reports and for good reason. Why? Obviously, he could not deal with his own internal demons himself. He was an outspoken individual about his religion and proud of it since he displayed the word "Allah" on his home residence front door. A peaceful, religious, fair minded, care individual who embraces the good principles of his religion he was not. He embraced the loathing for other religions and the intolerance his religious fanatics are known the world over for. He murdered (in cold blood) his fellow Americans and fellow soldiers. He should be dealt no mercy. His cousin was interviewed on FOX saying how the murderer was such a good American. This person is an adult, not a 5 year old.

The incident was dealt with in typical fashion by the current administration. Sheik Obama was about to begin giving a speech about a conference that had taken place with the Dept of Interior's help when the incidental shooting took. Take a look:

He proceeds with his speech as planned and thanks staff including a shoutout of congratuations just prior to addressing this horrible massacre. His finesse with words allows him sound proper yet his mannerisms are beginning to appear cold and diluted in its meaningfulness delivery.

This person is rumored to have 2 brothers, one in the US and 1 in Jerusalem. The US government and Israeli government should investigate both individuals immediately! During WW II and the Cold War, the US had any immigrant denounce communism before entering. A similar measure should be taken for immigrants today.

Can anyone not be horrified by the Sheik Obama's initial reaction? What if Bush had a speech after 911 and made call outs to people in the crowd first before addressing the terror attack? Bush had a right to be in shock because the whole nation was in shock! That's why he didn't know how to react at first. This shmuck kept his composure and even conducted business as usual reading his speech. Rucking Fidiculous!

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