Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magazine Advertisement Teeters With Possible Illicit Child Picture

Ebony Magazine page 49 has an advertisement for a product which has a picture of a topless woman and a baby. This picture assumes the woman is the mother.
The nude child is used only to equate the products use on an adult's skin to the skin texture of a newborn. Recently, a couple from Arizona was "turned in" for inappropriate vacation photos. Also, several years ago, Calvin Klein had questionable ads involving nude adults and Brooke Shields. Artistry is considered "pushing the envelope" when group nude photos are taken (all adults but...). Maplethorp was an artist who had nudes, urinating, and more vile(?) photos which were on display in museums. The need for guidelines is now. The message about truly bad behavior is greyed when examples like the above are allowed.

Posted by ShoZu