Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mark Sanford: Pick Your Ring

Mark Sanford, in his bizarre and utterly shameless attempt to explain his flings and extramarital affair with a "professional, passionate, and beautiful brunette," cited Scripture for why he is refusing to step down from his position as Governor of South Carolina. Specifically, he compared himself with King David, "who fell mightily. . . in very, very significant ways but then picked up the pieces and built from there."

As a Believer, I find this absolutely atrocious, beyond reprehensible, and a poignant example of rank hypocrisy and sanctimony that we too often see in the evangelical movement in this country and in the Republican party. How dare he drag all the good Christians (and non-Christians) through his own shit in a sorry attempt to save his own ass.

Now, I dont proclaim to be a Biblical expert, far from it. However, I do know this. King David's story was told as a cautionary tale, not an example to emulate. Moreover, he did not build jack shit after he "fell mightily." In fact, King David was prohibited from building the Great Temple in Jerusalem because a divine edict forbid him from doing so. "You will not build a house for My name for you are a man of battles and have shed blood." I Chronicles 28:3. (King Solomon ultimately built his father's dream temple) Moreover, Sanford should know, since he has proclaimed to be such a great Christian, that God ultimately took away his power (and gave it to his son King Solomon) and also took away his life.

Mark Sanford, you lost my respect, you lost my empathy. Sir, Dante's waiting, time to pick your ring.

American Confucius

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