Thursday, June 4, 2009

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) on the Candidates for Senate 2010

A friend of mine recently asked FLIMEN who they were endorsing for the 2010 Senate Race. She provided me with FLIMEN's response (which I publish here with FLIMEN's permission):

Dear ______:
Good question. It is a wait and see for a worthwhile candidate- which unfortunately looks dismal. It should be no surprise that the Republican
party is in turmoil when they can't put up a pro-enforcement immigration candidate. The Republican Platform is good on immigration enforcement but
that has not filtered down to the pandering anti-American candidates. 
Crist has and is been adamantly pro-AMNESTY.  'Comprehensive Immigration
Enforcement' (AMNESTY) and enforcement are contradictory and mutually exclusive so Crist and other politicians who claim they are for
'Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement' AND enforcement are lying and pandering to the max.  
Rubio, to his credit, says he is against AMNESTY but none of the citizens who lobbied for the 6 six FL bills that were blocked by Speaker Rubio
believe him for a micro-second.  Martinez said he was against AMNESTY too and then launched a huge pro-AMNESTY effort. Actions speak louder than words. 
FLIMEN has intentions to get even more involved in races but likely not in the FL Senate race unless a decent pro-enforcement candidate is found.
Thanks for your interest.
Let's keep in touch. 
Dave Caulkett, VP
I'm a bit perplexed as to why they don't intend to get involved more in the Florida Senate race. They are a Florida institution. They have a clear agenda - immigration enforcement - which is likely to become a central issue in the race, if it hasn't already.  Just because they don't have the picture perfect candidate does not seem me to be a sufficient reason to stay out of the fray altogether. Their reticence strikes me as analogous to those who refused to vote because McCain was too moderate for them.  Unless the Constitution Party candidate Marshall DeRosa miraculuosly comes out as a viable contender that is "worthwhile" in FLIMEN's view, it appears at this point FLIMEN will take a seat on the sidelines for this game. 

But given Rubio's publicly-stated position on illegal immigration, and chronicled in my previous post, it seems to me Rubio is becoming a "worthwhile candidate."

At any rate, I hope they reconsider and back a candidate.  

At your service,
American Confucius


Anonymous said...

It ain't just illegal immigration that's a problem in Florida It is the Business community and legal immigration turned-up in huge volume since 1985 thanks to the Federal goverment granting citizenship more than any other country in the world.

The Business community busted unions outsource jobs and manufactoring then sought cheap labor supply in huge numbers. It was economic treason on the several generational Americans. The business community should pay by loss of everything their money,citizenship,business license & all assets. Boot them and their cheap labor wage-slaves out NOW!

Representative govt & corporations in general have hijacked USA out from under the citizens that built this country with community efforts barn rasing town hall meeting etc. It's a shame we have to reclaim it back,but i think outlawing elitism will be a must and the citizen majority should have full legislative power never again put in the hands of any few!

Jack Oliver said...

My name is Jack Oliver and I am the legislative director for Flimen. To answer your question about why we have not endorsed Marco Rubio is simple. At this time we only have a state Political Action Committee. We are not allowed by law to endorse candidates for Federal offices. We will be submitting paperwork to start a Federal PAC this year and will be allowed by law to endorse Federal candidates in the next election cycle.

Jack Oliver