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Hypocrisy-Democrats vs Republicans When Racism is Afoot

The past 25 years have been a roller coaster ride when pertaining to the general public view on sentiment. I have seen shows come and go from Phil Donahue, boring by today's standard trash with Springer and Oprah. I have seen the Morton Downey Show with the podium "THE BIG MOUTH." A show way ahead of its time that could easily hold its own today. Race has been an issue which has transcended the history of the US since conception. Today we see Race being played out in the 2008 election and even sexism all by the same party. But how has the political landscape changed and has it really.
The Obama campaign has already prepared a speech for the unlikelihood that Clinton trumps him for the official nomination in the Primary. He will claim racism and the party will have to deal with the possibility of splitting the base constituents. If he gets the nomination, she can claim sexism, which will stir up the feminist base but not to the point of break up. And we all know that McCain is heading the Republicans but without Huckabee, he will get the votes with the voters holding their nose when they pick him on election day.
Taking the example of the past and present, which party tolerates racism and which rids itself of garbage like the KKK and the Black Panthers. Well, David Duke was a racist and a Republican. He was in the limelight putting his career at risk when this came out. Not by the voting base that got him to where he was, but by the party base. The party saw the public response to his past and rightfully took measures to finish his career quickly. The Republicans showed no tolerance towards white racism.
Liberals pride themselves on showing minority tolerance. Yet, does the party tolerate racists. Actually, the answer is a resounding, deafening YES! The party has so many racists in the forefront its impossible to see otherwise. Al Sharpton encouraged riots in NYC in Harlem. He called for the death of a jewish driver in Crown Heights when he accidently killed a black child. He called for retribution when white police were accused of multiple heinous crimes against T'wana Brawly. Later it was discovered she lied about everything! Another prominent leader was Louis Farrakhan. This Muslim black leader relentlessly called Jews names not heard since the time of the Nazis. He has a solid record of racist antisemitic remarks that have actually helped his notariety around the world. Finally, Jesse Jackson has said mainly painful remarks but the most famous was calling NYC a slang term for Jew.
The hypocrisy of the liberal tolerance towards bigotry and hatred in their party has been a travesty of justice to the groups insulted. The dismissal of any individual in the Republicans can be appreciated by any small amount of research done. When a liberal says he doesnt tolerate any intolerance, tell him thanks for being a Republican.. islam!!

Where are the voices of reason in London? Where have the citizens of that country? The violent gangs are so emboldened and so confident about their ambitions to take over the streets that they proudly video the tactics. The street is disrupted by "peaceful" demonstrations which are anything but peaceful. The hope that confrontation will cause violence to incite other Muslim populations to become enraged and motivated to get involved. Desperation ensues when police need to be forceful and fail. Go to live link and search any number of subjects from euarabia, to muslimtildeath or any other reference to the subject. The open nature and willingness to post on the site leaves little fear for them. I beseech you, check it out!

start here


Soldiers of Hindutva Attention!! Call to arms!! Promoting and supporting the ideals of the Bajrang Dal.In their own words from their page here is a description:
Hinduism is on the attack from three main groups and each is as dangerous as the other. Firstly , the Christians have an upper hand on us with the economies under their control, secondly the petro-dollars in the hands of the Muslims and thirdly, from within us, the Hindus who either falsely or for some ulterior motives believe that Hinduism can survive the onslaught in modern times as it has in the past. In times when the Christians have openly taken on the task of harvesting us to Christianity, the Muslims with their Jihad and the pseudo secularists, who will stop at nothing, the gravity of the situation will have to be realized now or the very survival of Hinduism is at risk.

OPEC=Arab terrorist collaboration Answer=Western Civilization Collaboration

I propose an organization to counter the Islamic terror that is loosely connected. The terror cells work partly independently and partly under the guise of Islamic Revolution aka Khilafah. Whether one calls each individual group a different name or not really makes no difference. A group effort by the countries that fight this movement needs to be initiated immediately. Israel, India, Singapore, the United States and others that meet the challenge daily are the only "true allies" with which we can count on. I encourage readers of this blog to help collaborate the effort and read pages that already ring this message aloud.

The WEBSITE to see is......
THAT 2 U'S!! THE ARTICLE ON OPRAH IS A MUST READ! THE ARTICLE ABOUT THE TRAIN BOMB A FEW YEARS BACK IS A MUST! THE PBS SPECIAL ON IT WAS SO SLANTED I ALMOST called my local station to complain. I hope everyone tells the webmaster of the page I sent you there. We need are Hindu brothers to join the fight against terror..Israel, Kashmir, Sudan..Stop them in their tracks!

FITNA THE MOVIE=Glimpse of our future? HOPE NOT!

More New Material Coming! More Links!

Thats right! This page is getting bigger, better, and badder! Next week I will be adding some terrific links I have not seen anywhere else! All surprises for the masses!! Illegal immigration, crime, gun law, terrorism, video and more! Keep looking because we are just getting started. More Israeli bands, Korean and jew collaboration at its best! I am working on adding another contributor or 2 with direct ties to these subjects to get the inside info on these issues, but its not a done deal yet.

Latest Hot Link=JEWS AGAINST OBAMA (I love these guys!)

The Jewish Task Force does it again! As with past elections, Chaim and the rest of the former JDL Rabbi Kahane crew have stopped the presses with their usual page and passion and steered all available resources to stopping the campaign of Obama. Never one to take being an underdog lightly, Chaim is passionate about his disgust over the lost direction of the West. If you want to be "in the know" about what is really happening behind the scenes then tune in to their video and info blog that never stops to amaze. Their knowledge and investigative know-how in reporting what most people never had access to in the tradition media makes them a must stop when surfing the web. I hope Israel gets his rationale otherwise G-d help us all. I own Kahane's books with his autograph as one of my prized possessions!! LOOK at or be part of the problem!

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Ted Nugent on our 2nd Amendment

"...I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. No court case. No parole. No early release. I want 'em dead. Get a gun and when they attack you, shoot 'em." Ted Nugent.

I'd love to see Nugent rewrite the Model Penal Code. I get a feeling that this crude vision of justice would lead to the greatest drop in crime we've ever seen in the history of our country.

In fact, we've seen it work. In the early 80s, Kennesaw, Georgia passed an ordinance requiring all Kennesaw citizens to have a loaded firearm in the house. Since the ordinance passed, crime rates have dropped. Today, Kennesaw is said to have the lowest crime rate for a city its size. How can this possibly be so? Again, it's easy. If I know my neighbor has loaded guns in the house, I certainly won't break in. If I know the average Joe on the street is probably packing heat, I won't mess with him. If you're stupid and want to take your chances, you'll probably get shot. And that's probably not that bad either. It's a win-win.

Moreover, gun control laws don't work. The criminals who obtain a gun to commit a crime will obtain one regardless. What does this mean? It means unintended consequences. It means that law abiding folk won't be armed while all the miscreants are.

Ted Nugent discusses the 2nd Amendment with Evan Smith, host of the KLRU program TEXAS MONTHLY TALKS and editor of TEXAS MONTHLY magazine.

The Politics of Oil

The politics of oil is simple: We want oil. We need oil. And lots of it. But not everyone realizes this. Especially those rich elitist Hollywood liberals who fly around in their private jets decrying global warming and telling middle and lower class folks to stop consuming. Arrogant bastards are so out of touch with reality. And you have liberal demagogues, mostly the democratic politicians, who take advantage of people who don't know Economics 101 and lie about how Bush and his oil connections are to blame.

The liberals called for ethanol pretending it would get us off dependence on oil and that it would become a viable source of alternative fuel. Foolish delusion. Now we have a global food shortage crisis because everyone's growing corn and only corn! It's like the war on drugs: as long as you have cartels controlling the supply coupled with an continually growing demand, prices will rise. Plain and simple. The only way to alleviate the price spikes is to manipulate the supply. And that means drilling. Lots of it. We have plenty of oil on our soil.

Now what about the apparent bubble in the oil markets? There is indeed a bubble. Speculation is caused by commodity traders who "predict" what the price of oil will be tomorrow. The markets react and is why we see daily volatility in the price of oil. This is not rocket science.

But everyone is rationally ignorant to some degree and on some issues. I have very little interest in what goes on in Hollywood and the latest greatest popular culture. Therefore I rationally decide to be ignorant about it. No big deal. It's a natural way for people to be efficient and allocate their intellectual resources to topics and issues they truly care about, enough so they are willing to invest the time and energy to bone up on it. The politics of oil is a prime example. This creates a ripe opportunity for demagoguery. Listen to a democratic politician talk about oil and you'll see a perfect example.

Latest Greatest

This webpage is a conservative blog out of Colorado. Smart conservative original content with thought provoking wisdom which would make any liberal shake in their boots. I recommend this site for all who want content without the overwhelming clutter. With real Americans like this, after reading this page you will be able to sleep a little better at night.

ANNOUNCEMENT=Original Video Will Be Coming Soon!!

We will be posting videos of all types, including youtube, revver, and other video from sources deemed worthy of spreading. And original content from the authors of this site. While the original content will take a little more time to produce, be rest assured that content will be added regularly.

Presidente Carter Commits Treason Against The US and The West!?!

The former President has committed a vile crime: treason! That's right! He divulged information to the Arabic world about Israel's capacity to retaliate against the Arabs in an all out war. The classified information was publicly announced by Carter to clear the air on the question of Israel's nuclear capacity and why the other countries should be allowed (?) to do the same. The mutually assured destruction policy of the US and Russia from the Cold War era seems to be the standard for his influence in Peace negotiations in the Middle East.
The Arab countries routinely threaten to destroy Israel the instant they get their hands on a nuclear device. Israel has had weapons for years without using or threatening to use them. The Israelis only purpose having them is to ensure their own security. On the otherhand, the Arab countries have actually used chemical weapons before, like Iraq on the Kurds in the late 80s. Pakistan has had weapons for years but never using them, but the ominous situation in Kashmir never keeps it from the forefront of possibilities. Also, the small amount of land Israel has can easily be overrun by the Arab armies surrounding her. Israel cannot overrun any neighboring countries because the population of Israel is so small. The Arab armies have multiple times attacked Israel, showing no regard for its soverreignty. Meanwhile, Israel has not attempted to invade her neighbors preemptively without provocation. And most importantly, Carter displays little knowledge about the purpose of the nuclear arsenal Israel has by his treasonous outbursts. The reason Israel has nuclear weopons is to commit suicide on its own soil by blowing themselves up. This will take as many Arabs with them when they enter . Like in the Bible, like in Masada, the Jews would rather die honorably than to become sheep lead to slaughter as in the Holocaust.
It would be hypocritical for me to take sides in an election year. Yet, Bill O' Reily and I hate to allow spin doctors to take control. If a Republican had compromised Israel's security with such disregard, the papers would be ablaze with criticism. Carter will be praise in the Left Wing media for his unorthodox approach to the unresolved Peace Process. Carter never should have been privy to this kind of information. He fucked up policy negotiations with Iran 30 years ago and he still shows he has no conception of how the Middle East works today, either.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Will Oil Change The Current Election-Bush=Oil Rucking Fidiculous

The price of oil is starting to become a world wide problem. But the election is on the mind of the Arab world. They have one redeeming quality I admire, and I mean ONLY 1=patience!! They look at the US as the only frontier left to actively pursue in turning the planet against Israel. It took the last 50 years but the accomplishment of the Islamic Revolution is the fastest movement in modern history to conquer everything. The last stage is upon us and there are no signs of it slowing down. They saw the formation of the State of Israel. They felt compelled to destroy it but took the resilience of the Jewish people too lightly. Therefore, they were defeated time and time again. The Arab world needed a deliberate attempt, a well orchestrated plan to turn the tide by some other means than military strength. The movement would take radical thinking to push forward against Israel and win. But what was needed? And then....the fall of the Shah of Iran. Overtaking Iran would allow the Islamic revolution to gain muster with the masses by 1)strict Sharia law implementation, 2) by upstaging the US and embarassing us for the next few years with hostages. The backing of Afghan rebells by the US actually emboldened the Muslims by supplying them with training and weapons. This, in turn, allowed them to upstage the Russian superpower. In only a few short years they had accomplished total control over Iran, embarassing the 2 superpowers, and by manipulating the world with OPEC, and gaining power in the offices of the UN, the plan to take over the world was starting to take place.
Sure, small skirmishes were in the limelight from time to time, but the push to go nuclear was always the great equalizer. The next step would be to start a population boom which will allow them to take on the populace of the next "superpowers" of India and China. But how? The oil rich countries pleaded poverty in the UN and the TV world stage. Assistance from the civilized world subsidized the impoverished peoples while the monies from oil were used to support terrorism around the world. The small scale hard to trace movements of small multicell groups allowed the governments who backed this to plea ignorance to the issue.
Once populations were large enough to push out beyond the borders of the Muslim states, they infiltrated the closest obstacle=Europe. Like a parasite, the countries must be conquered from within in order to change their policies abroad. The military might can never be defeated on the battlefield, as learned thru the skirmishes over the years. If the armies were made up of their own, there would be no army to conquer. Europe is now under seige with militants quickly taking over the land, city by city. Now deemed Muslim lands, the next front is the land across the pond=the US
The terrorists home grown out of the radical hippie sixties movements together with the growing radical Left and Muslim communities in the US made stange bedfollows. Working in league with one another on separate agendas, synergistically, they
managed to manipulate the legal system (like the learned tactics used in Europe) and portray a legit looking liberal movement.
Now, the OPEC organization will besiege the US by raising oil prices (a tactic learned from the 70's) to the point that economically we will be at their mercy. Patiently waiting for a Muslim leader to emerge on the forefront of the Democratic ticket, it was only a matter of time before one would run for president. Louis Farrakan had shown that radical old thinking would never win over the general populace. An intelligent sounding person with charisma and charm would be able to express himself without violating Islamic tradition and still be able to win over the general populace. The US still believes it can police the world strictly thru military domination. This is not true because we did not learn from the 60's that long drawn out war turns peoples stomach and support will wither. So.....the price of oil is now used by OPEC to break support for the Republicans. Bush doesnt make money from oil prices set by OPEC!! OPEC makes the price! The price of oil is up creating a bitter atmosphere for the Right. The higher the price, the more support for Obama!!
So to the Left who say Bush is Oil I say Bullshit!

And once populations grow here, China and India are next.......and they are becoming addicted to oil at the fastest rate in history!

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I have added a new link I have been aware of for sometime. The author of the web page I met before and he gave me a booklet that was given out to Likud Party supporters. The web link provides indepth information on what is happening in Israel and how the Right get the word out. When left to the traditinal newspapers, all provide a Left spin which is not to be found in these pages.I am posting the description from their page as they present it. I apologize in advance if it is copyright material.

The non - profit organization "Gamla shall not fall again", was founded in December 1994, during the hunger strike of the members of the Golan Citizens Committee, which took place close to the remains of the ancient capital of the Golan - Gamla. (see below)

Goals of the organization: to teach the importance of the Golan, Judea, Samaria and the Gaza strip, for the survival of the Israeli nation in the Land of Israel.

Since its foundation and today "Gamla Shall Not Fall Again" is in the forefront of the battle for the land of Israel, organizes activities, participates in demonstrations, and publishes articles, posters and stickers for that cause. Most of its activities are coordinated and joined with other grassroots organizations of the national camp.

The organization functions as an "Ideological watchdog", not fearing to confront even the National camp governments or parties.

Since the war started with the Palestinians (in Sept. 2000), we are doing our outmost to support the settlements.

The organization has a powerful website with tens of thousands visitors. A weekly talk show on Arutz 7 by two of its leaders:

Adv. Elyakim Haetzni on Monday 11am.
Colonel (ret.) Moshe Leshem on Tuesday 10am.


[late] Lt.Colonel Shlomo Baum
Colonel (ret.) Moshe Leshem
Adv. Elyakim Haetzni

We have now thousands of followers and supporters all over Israel and abroad.

The organizations' executives are all volunteers. However the cost of activities and production of explanatory materials is high. Any contribution to these efforts is welcomed.

Leading committee members:

Colonel (ret.) Moshe Leshem, president. Lives in Givon HaHadasha
Adv. Elyakim Haetzni - lives in Kiryat Arba
Colonel (ret.) Gadi Dor - lives in Kibutz Sede Elyahu
Haim Ganiram - lives in Ramat Magshimim, Golan
Edi Lehavi - lives in Kinneret
Elisheva Ginsborg, secretary. Lives in Alon Shvot

Office address: Harehavim 3, Talpiot, Jerusalem
Tel: 972-2- 6792343
Fax: 972-2-6792157

Contributions can be sent to the above address

Gamla and Jeruslem

Gamla was established in the year 81 BCE, by the Hashmonai king Alexander Yanai. Gamla was the capital of the Jewish Golan for approximately 150 years.

The city was built on a steep slope of a mountain that had the shape of a camel (in Hebrew - "Gamal") and so the city derived its name. In 66 CE, during the revolt against the Roman empire, Gamla joined the revolt and fought bravely in two battles and a siege which lasted one month.

The fighters at Gamla, outnumbered, defended their city and were forced to retreat to the citadel on top of the cliff. 4000 Jewish fighter were killed in the battle and another 5000 were killed jumping from the cliff. Only two women survived. Josephus Flavious described the events in great detail in his book "the war of the Jews against the Romans".

In the archeological excavations a few unique bronze coins were found on which is written in ancient Hebrew "to the redemption of Jerusalem". This finding of the coins, proves the strong ties between the two cities, and the strong belief and motivation of the Gamla defenders who truly believed that their battle is part of the battle for the defense of the Holy City, Jerusalem, and that their battle may save Jerusalem.

In 67 CE Gamla fell.

In 1967 in the "Six Day War" the Golan Heights were liberated. As then, also today - with one difference - Gamla Shall Not Fall Again!

Abba Eban the Ultra-Left wing activist called the 1967 borders Aushwitz lines. In England, the school system just announced that teaching about "The Holocaust" is racist against Muslims!?! A soldier in Iraq used a Koran as target practice and nearly started a riot. The US Army had a ceremony officially apologizing for the incident but "The Holocaust" is racist against Muslims!?! Support Gamla! NOW!

Hillary Clinton On The Deficit In One Sentence

She is running her campaign on a negative budget.


The causes of Autism outside of the obvious genetic realm are primarily speculative in nature. Many parents attribute the cause to be directly related to injection therapy of vaccinations. I have directly been involved in the care of children with the spectrum disorders. I am curious at what scientists use as criteria for possible causes prior to investigation. Many studies done have stated no link to vaccinations while others done by institutions outside traditional groups have stated a direct connection. And no other causes have made news.
What about other possible causes? What I propose is an alternative view of a possible cause partially involving genetics and partially involving parents behavior. While I believe some portion of the populace is predisposed to having a child with these spectrum disorders, I believe illegal drug use is a major contributor to the problem. Illegal drug use causes the brain chemistry to be altered in such a way that communication is dramatically affected. The different types of drugs alter brain chemistry differently and therefore manifest in behavior patterns differently. Anyone who has spent time exposed to people with drug histories can see abnormal communication. Now run a timeline with 2 or 3 generations later. People have been using "hard drugs" in great numbers since the late fifties and early 60s with dramatically increased rates since then to today. Not everyone's family is affected by this group of disordered but the dramatic rise is in line with the rise in recreational use of drugs.
The average American has been brought up in the last 20 years to deal with any problem by blaming someone or something else. Therefore, the unpopular belief that a problem is the fault of themselves has guilt implications. I am not accounting for every scenario either. Many cases probably have other root causes, but to dismiss the possibility of illegal drugs is ridiculous. So we have another strong arguement not to legalize drugs. I pray everyday that the lives of our most vulnerable, the autism spectrum disorders, adult and child, gets better and better. I will leave you with a story I remember about a child that forever touch my life. A child with Autism was playing in a playground with other normal children. I watched as the normal children were stepping on bugs. Then the Autistic child notice a bug near him. He crouched down, picked it up, examining it, and slowly,..ever so carefully...placed the bug back down on the ground avoiding injury to it. Wow! They are truly special!

"Moonbats Hatin' John Yoo"

So apparently during Boalt Hall's graduation ceremonies couple days ago (click here for some hilarious pictures), a diverse group of moonbats came out to screech and holler at John Yoo, an American of Korean descent, law professor at Boalt (Berkeley Law School), and most importantly, one of the original authors of the USA PATRIOT Act. Oh, and he also wrote the famous, or infamous (to the moonbats), torture memos.

You gotta love the diversity though: communists, socialists, and hippies young and old. Now, if I was a typical Berkeley liberal (priesthood status in the temple of Moonbats), I would use the race card and play victim. I'd bitch about how all these freaks that showed up for the protest were racist and anti-Korean! But now that'd be silly. I'm actually really proud of this guy. I mean, from the number of protesters that I see in the pictures, he's obviously a very inspiring person. He even has a website devoted solely to him ( Now that's an honor.

Letter to Tom Friedman

Here's a letter (edited version) I wrote to the New York Slimes columnist Tom Friedman after I read his column couple days ago titled Obama and the Jews.

Sir, I'm a fan, even though we'll probably vote for different candidates this year (or at least that what it seems from your column today). I read your books and try hard to read your columns regularly. I've learned quite a bit from your writings, particularly on foreign affairs. Today's column however about Barack Hussein Obama and the American Jewry compels me to reciprocate and teach you a couple things. It is not ludicrous at all to suspect that BHO will embrace anti-semitic and anti-Israel policies once he's in office. In fact, it's probable.

1. Obama's father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was a Muslim from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya and his step father was a Muslim from Indonesia. (

2. Obama attended Muslim Basuki School and a Catholic school in Indonesia and his religion was registered as Muslim in both schools. Despite this overwhelming evidence, Obama insists he was never a Muslim. (

3. Obama has promised that in his first year of office, he will invite Iranian terrorist dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the White House in order improve relations and relax trade restrictions with Iran. This would certainly lead to the sale of advanced American technology, which would enable Iran to develop nuclear bombs much more quickly. (

4. Obama is a supporter of Kenyan Muslim Raila Odinga, who recently lost in that country’s election, and who wants to institute Islamic Sharia law as the law of that land. Raila claims to be Obama’s first cousin. (

5. Obama wants Muslim terrorists in Guantanamo to have access to the American legal system. Note that these Guantanamo attorneys [who represent these terrorists pro bono] are supporting Obama. (

6. Obama's foreign policy advisors from the Carter Administration are notoriously anti-Israel and antisemitic. ( Many of them are also members of the Nation of Islam.

7. Recently, a top official of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas publicly endorsed Barack Hussein Obama on NPR.

8. A non-profit organization with Obama on its board gave money to the terrorist-supporting Arab American Action Network, which favors Israel's destruction and is completely against America enforcing any of her immigration laws. (

9. Obama helped raise money for Muslim terrorist refugee camps in the Middle East. (

10. Barack Hussein Obama remains close friends with Louis Farrakhan, racist anti-semitic Muslim leader of the Nation of Islam.

11. Obama's National Campaign Cochairman is congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., a notorious racist and antisemite. (

12. Obama's Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who Barack Hussein Obama claims is his mentor, traveled with Muslim racist and anti-semite Louis Farrakhan to Libya in 1984 to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

Now, sir, is it that you really had no idea about these facts? Or is it that like so many American Jews you are plagued by guilt. I suspect the latter, although I'm not sure which you'd personally prefer.

Now I'll be the first one to reject guilt by association. Every politician has baggage. You make mistakes and you learn from them. But it's one thing to erroneously and unfairly ascribe guilt by one or two, or even three associations. We're talking about at least 12 serious associations. A clear picture emerges. A picture of an un-patriotic, pro-Muslim (if not pro-radical Islamo-fascist Muslim) statesmen running for the Presidency of a country at war with Islamo-Fascist Muslims. You see anything wrong with this picture?

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Kosha Dillz

Here is a band from Israel on myspace that shows the incredible creativity to blend politics in Israel with current hip hop trends.  The "in your face"  attitude of  the Kosha Dillz  shines brightest in "The Real Occupation."  The recent popular rap and hip hop Palestinian artists(?)  (particularly in England) are reverberating with their community the usual terrorististic position and gaining  immediate praise from the left wing media.  Therefore, when a truely gifted artist sends the message of Israel's position they are virtually ignored.  Thankfully, they are starting to make inroads and will hopefully far overtake any counter message being hailed by the Left.  If anyone is interested in seeing them check out the page.  And tell the Kosha Dillz we want them in Florida!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jewish Task Force=Jewish. Pissed. Just Plain Chutzpah!

I have been an avid follower, supporter, and virtually infatuated with the pervasive style of Chaim Ben Pesach.  He is the current front man for the JDL of old.  When it had virtue!  When it was viewed with respect!  The group was well known in the 70's and 80's due to the no holds bar rantings of Rabbi Meir Kahane. THE....Meir  Kahane!  The Rabbi that debated the liberal establishment until they cried mercy.  And when he came to my area to speak, everybody, and I mean everybody, went to see his lecture.  His charismatic persona grabbed your attention (and the media's) and made the jews in the audience feel emboldened and proud like never before.  The whinning self insulting, self pity images created by the likes of Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis, and Barbara Streisand were left behind.  I did not see him that day.  But I have a collection of articles on him that would make any obscessed fanatic proud.  My very good collegue gave me Kahane's first book SIGNED by Kahane himself.  I will cherish it and forever be indebted to him for this gift.  The web page is currently geared up solely for the purpose of destroying Obama's campaign.  I wish them good luck and offer any help from the writers on this page.  We are available for the asking.  When the page goes back to its original format, the unique writing style of the group and their incredible plethora of information available nowhere else but there can be enjoyed again.  

Dumb College Kids

As the adage goes, 99% of liberals give the rest a bad name. Ok, so it's a little exaggerated. But you get my point. And I'm talking mostly about dumb college kids these days. Liberals. Yes, they're mostly liberal. Let's take a look at some recent examples that involved attacks on high profile speakers. Who knows how many attacks take place that aren't reported.

Oct 04, U of Arizona, dumb college kids run onto the stage and throw pies at Anne Coulter. They called themselves Al Pieda, not very funny. What's worse, they miss from like 2 yards away. Link.

Mar 05, Earlham College, a dumb college kid slams an ice cream pie in Bill Kristol's face. Link.

Mar 05, Western Michigan U, a dumb college kid douses Pat Buchanan with salad dressing. Link.

Apr 05, Butler U, several dumb college kids pie David Horowitz, who was speaking about academic freedom. Go figure. Link.

Sometime after Apr 05, Purdue U, a dumb college kid streaks and interrupts Horowitz speech. Link.

Nov 06, Ball State U, Horowitz pied again by a dumb college kids. Link.

Nov. 07, U of Florida, dumb college kids jump onto the stage in orange jumpsuits and black hoods and assaults former AG Alberto Gonzales. Link.

Apr 08, Brown U, a couple dumb college kids pie Thomas Friedman. Link.

What is the common thread to all this buffoonery? They are all liberal. What is wrong with college kids these days? Or have they always been like this? I guess the more appropriate question is what is wrong with liberals? Is Michael Savage right when he says liberalism is a mental disease? I pooh poohed the idea at first but now I'm beginning to wonder.

It seems this is a symptom of the me, myself, and I generation where people don't know how to engage in civil discussion. Who needs discussion when you can throw a pie? Without intellectual honesty and academic freedom, college kids are presented with a one-sided story. They build their beliefs and values upon this shaky structure. When they graduate and enter the real world, their fundamental belief structure is challenged. They know not what to do. They panic. It's like their whole outlook on life comes crumbling down.

I know this from personal experience. I was in a debate once regarding a panoply of issues with a Swarthmore graduate, bed-wetting liberal. The incident came after I had pretty much demolished her in the economic policy debate. (She bemoaned how the unemployment rate was 4.5%. Couldn't ask for a better opponent). I was making my foray about how studies suggest women are predisposed to be better caretakers of children. As evidence I presented a study that showed women who sleep in the same bed as their infant child will wake at the slightest brush-up with the child, as opposed to men, who, 7 out of 10 times, would roll right over and smother the child. My opponent was livid. She stood up, looked over at me as if she had enough, and screamed, "You are a f___ing pig! You are what is wrong with this country!" Fuming, she stormed out of the room.

Sometimes, I think liberals should forget about dialogue altogether and just be jolly tending to their rabbits.

A Constitutional Right to Gay Marriage? A Foolish Delusion Indeed

As my opening salvo I have decided to rant about today's big news from good 'ole California. Let me preface by saying that I do not take moral or personal issue with gay marriage here. As Senator Goldwater himself said, "there is no gay exemption to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Instead, I lament the legal implications of judicial activism.

In my first year constitutional law class, our professor quipped as a matter of factly that when we as law students consider who to vote for in the next presidential election a primary consideration will be the candidate's judicial philosophy and his promise to appoint judges who embrace a particular school of judicial interpretation. The class erupted in sarcastic laughter, as in “No we won’t. Who cares? Remember? It's the economy stupid."

Obviously, it was early in the semester and many classmates, myself not included, had not yet realized how influential the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinions are on society. The Court’s primary (and only) role is to interpret the U.S. Constitution and say what the “law of the land” is. By setting the legal boundaries to which all states must comply, the Court, by way of its opinions, directs, and in certain instances, molds the public’s sense of morality. It can be successfully argued, however, that the process is reverse – that the Court adjudicates according to the changing winds of the public square. This argument is certainly not unfounded.

The California Supreme Court opinion in In Re Marriage Cases, published today, exemplifies one extreme of the judicial interpretation spectrum: Developmentalism, or as conservatives rightly call it, judicial activism. Judicial activists believe in a “living, breathing Constitution,” one that “evolves with the times.” However, there’s a twist here. Did the Court really adjudicate according to California’s changing perception toward same-sex marriage? I think not.

The Court did two things mainly. It created a new constitutional right to same-sex marriage violating the legal notions of stare decisis. Most damagingly, however, it “short-circuited the democratic deliberation that is the most reliable method of deciding questions of competing values."

The precedent upon which the court in California was bound is unambiguous. According to Glucksberg, the seminal U.S. Supreme Court case dealing with constitutional rights, a two-step analysis must be used to determine whether an asserted right or liberty interest is fundamental. First, the court looks at the “careful description” of the asserted fundamental interest. Then the court examines whether that interest is “deeply rooted” in the American legal tradition. The second prong is admittedly a high standard, arguably insurmountable. If a party asserts a “new” right, then, by definition, it really can’t be deeply rooted in the American legal tradition. It can be reasonably argued that the Court exhibited judicial restraint and purposefully created a high standard to discourage the wanton assertion of new rights.

There is nothing in our Constitution that provides for a right to same-sex marriage. Moreover, applying the second prong of the Glucksberg’s framework, any layperson unschooled in constitutional law knows enough to know that it is heterosexual marriage that is deeply rooted in American tradition, not same-sex marriage. To conclude otherwise would be a foolish delusion. Only one other state, Massachusetts, misguidedly recognizes a fundamental right to same-sex marriage. Applying this logic, a skeptic may argue then that our society would be static. No change, nor progress. Here, my discussion turns to the main thrust of my critique of In Re Marriage Cases.

We live in a republican democracy. According to the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, the power to create a new fundamental right not provided for in the Constitution lies with the people of each and every state. In 1977, the California state legislature banned same-sex marriage. In 2000, Californians voted to maintain marriage as a civil union between a man and a woman (although, since then, a marriage and a civil union, in terms of legal benefits, have become nearly identical, leaving the issue to a mere semantic difference). Notwithstanding this clear mandate, the California Supreme Court today struck down the state laws and ruled that the right to same-sex marriage was fundamental, ergo, constitutional. The Court exhibited the worst kind of judicial activism. It not only legislated from the bench, but it legislated against the desires of the people.

It is certainly possible that the public’s perception has changed since 2000. It is possible also that if the same referendum was held today, the outcome would be different from that of 2000. But the troubling point is that the California Supreme Court usurped the law-making power of the legislature, and by doing so, violated the separation of powers and ran roughshod over the constitutional right to a republican form of government of 36 million Californians. The question going forward is whether this case makes it up to the U.S. Supreme Court. If it does, how will that Court rule? The clear danger is that it will end up as Roe v. Wade part duex, another monstrosity in the corpus juris.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cover Up Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq?

I find the average citizen, aka John Q Public, is keenly informed about the news world wide.  Yet the "intelligent" citizen mindlessly believes rhetoric spilled out by the left or right and believes whatever side their inclined to favor.  Putting the puzzle of the past events in perspective with the present day chaos and the picture is really neither left or right.  
     Iraq definitely had weapons of mass destruction.  DEFINITELY!  Proof!?!  In 1981, the Israeli intelligence gathered enough information on the Iraqi nuclear plant being built just outside Baghdad to warrant risking a suicide mission to destroy it.  Iraq would never take the time, money, or manpower including international condemnation by the UN to build such a facility without the capacity to run it.  Tension was high between Iran and Iraq.  Funds were needed to protect its border.  If Iraq was weeks away from running the French built plant, why would the material be anywhere except Iraq.  
     Where is the material now?  Iraq and Syria are run by the same political party.  Multiple vehicles were caught by surveillance satellites leaving Iraqi facilities prior to inspection on multiple occasions.  The material was sent to Syria until everything blew over.  And when Israel had information showing that Syria was about as far as Iraq was in completing their nuclear facility, again the initiative was taken to stop it.  Syria must have the material to run the plant or they never would have committed the funds for it.  
     The Iranians are next?  Well, they are at least openly admitting about their intentions to build the plant.  

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